Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 909

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Chapter 909: Based on what

“What, you also feel like the bride is like Ning’er, right?  He, he, this prince also feels that she is similar, but she is not Ning’er.  How could Ning’er become a cripple?” Chu Shao Yang’s mind was filled with drunkenness, smiling as he shook his head at Chen Bi Yun.

“Cripple?  Being crippled can be pretended, it isn’t hard for a normal person to pretend to be a cripple at all.”  Chen Bi Yun blurted out without even thinking.

“Ke, ke, ke!”  Chu Shao Yang choked on wine again and began to cough.

Chen Bi Yun quickly patted his back, helping him.

Chu Shao Yang had drank a lot of wine and he was very deeply impaired, but Chen Bi Yun’s words were like a bolt of thunder, clearing the confusion in his mind, instantly making him sober.

That’s right, one can pretend to be a cripple.  How hard was it to do that?

He could even pretend to do it now!

Chu Shao Yang grabbed Chen Bi Yun’s wrist and his faintly shining eyes stared right at her.

“Yun’er, do you really feel that new bride is very like Ning’er?  Are you certain?”

Chen Bi Yun felt the heat from his palm and his body was shaking from excitement.  Her heart instantly filled with a trace of hate.

His highness would never be like this for her, he could never forget that cheap person, he still loved that cheap person!  Even if he met someone similar to her, he would still lose control like this. If Chen Ning really came back? Would he give her up again?

She suddenly wanted to bite off her tongue in regret, why did she say that the new bride was Chen Ning?  What if it was true? Wouldn’t she have sent his highness away?

But she wanted to attract Chu Shao Yang’s attention right now.  She knew that no matter what she said, Chu Shao Yang would never care about her.  Only when she mentioned Chen Ning would he finally focus on her.

“I…..I…..”  She bit her lips and her heart was filled with contradiction.


Chu Shao Yang used force and Chen Bi Yun felt a pain from her wrist.  She couldn’t help making an “ah” sound as tears flowed out.

“I…..I just feel she is very similar to big sister, truly similar.   I grew up with her, so I wouldn’t make a mistake. She…..she is big sister!”

Chen Bi Yun tearfully said.

Her heart was filled with hatred right now, filled with hate for Chen Ning.  She dared believe that the emperor’s bride who had married him in front of all the ministers was Chen Ning!

Once she thought of this, she gritted her teeth in hatred!

Based on what!

Based on what is Chen Ning this lucky!  Based on what could she suppress her like this!  Based on what could she always be higher than her!

Based on what could she marry his highness as the legal wife and make her become just a lowly consort?

Based on what could she divorce his highness when she wanted!  Based on what could she become the Crown Princess while she was rotting away in the Cold Palace?

Based on what could she ascend to become an empress ruling over millions of people while she was stuck as a consort that everyone ignored?

Chen Bi Yun was filled with more hate the more she thought of this!  She definitely could not let Chen Ning become the empress! She wanted to ruin this wedding, showing Chen Ning’s true face to everyone!

The only one who could do this was Chu Shao Yang!

She understood Chu Shao Yang very much.  As long as she was certain the bride was Chen Ning, Chu Shao Yang definitely wouldn’t be able to take it!

As expected, when she finished, Chu Shao Yang’s face changed.

“Guang dang!”

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