Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 911

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Chapter 911: A big secret


You want to see Chu Shao Yang become a joke?  He would make them all fall down one by one, making them look like fools!

Chen Bi Yun saw Chu Shao Yang swaying around drunk, with an unclear mind, causing her heart to be anxious.  If Chu Shao Yang was drunk, who could stop them? When the emperor and Chen Ning turned the raw rice into cooked rice, it would be too late!

She couldn’t help pulling at Chu Shao Yang’s sleeve.

“Your highness, you’re drunk, you can’t drink anymore.  Don’t you want to enter the bridal chambers? Don’t you want to see what the emperor’s new bride looks like?”  She said in a soft voice.

“Who says this king is drunk, what do you know!  This king isn’t drunk, isn’t drunk!”

Chu Shao Yang smiled as he raised a cup full of wine, but his hands shook and the wine spilled onto his clothes.  His entire person also fell down and he fell onto Chen Bi Yun.

He opened his mouth and vomited.  The spit out wine covered Chen Bi Yun, which smelled terrible.

Chen Bi Yun was so disgusted that she almost threw up.  She wanted to push away Chu Shao Yang, but Chu Shao Yang’s drunk body was as heavy as a mountain, pressing on her so she couldn’t breathe.

“Third brother, you’re drunk.  This little brother will bring you away to rest.”

Suddenly, there was a clear voice beside him.  With a flash of white, a pair of hands lifted Chu Shao Yang off Chen Bi Yun.

“I’m not drunk, who says I’m drunk.  I want to keep drinking! Shao Bai, why is it you?  You are also here to toast this king? Alright, let’s drink three cups and see who falls down!”  Chu Shao Yang looked over with a pair of drunken eyes, smiling as he looked at the handsome young man holding him up.

Chu Shao Bai ignored his drunk words.  He didn’t want to keep seeing his third brother make a fool of himself, so he half supported and half carried away from the wedding hall, walking to the garden.

“Shao Bai, I want to tell you a secret, a big secret!”  Chu Shao Bai suddenly stood up and his smile disappeared as he looked at Chu Shao Bai with a serious expression.

In that moment, Chu Shao Bai almost thought that his drunk appearance was just pretend.

But he could feel that Chu Shao Yang didn’t have power and he could only stand up by leaning against him.

“Third brother, rest on the side first.  It isn’t too late to tell me whatever secret you have later.”

“No, this king must tell you now, it’ll be too late if this king doesn’t go and stop them now.  Shao Bai, bring me over, immediately bring me over!” Chu Shao Yang swayed as he stood there, grabbing Chu Shao Bai’s wrist.

Chu Shao Bai felt like an iron chain was wrapped around his wrist and he couldn’t help asking, “Third brother, you really are drunk.  Where do you want your little brother to bring you and what do you want to stop?”

“Of course it’s to stop them from going into the nuptial chambers!  Where is the emperor’s nuptial chambers, I need to stop them. I can’t let him turn the raw rice into cook rice, I need to find Ning’er…..My Ning’er!”  Chu Shao Yang grabbed Chu Shao Bai as he stumbled forward.

“Third brother!”  Chu Shao Bai couldn’t take it and forcefully pulled Chu Shao Yang.  He broke free of his grasp and shook his shoulders.

“Wake up, stop speaking nonsense!   There is no Ning’er here, Ning’er has already married to the East Qin Country!  This little brother won’t allow you to disrupt the emperor’s nuptial chambers! You are drunk, your little brother will send you back to your palace.”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly opened his mouth and began to laugh.

“Ha, ha, Shao Bai, you really are a fool!  Even now you are still kept in the dark! You are still loyal to the emperor!”  

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