Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 908

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Chapter 908: Really like big sister


Chu Shao Yang was annoyed and he forcefully slammed the cup on the table, spilling the wine inside.  The people beside him didn’t even spare him a glance as they continued talking to the people beside them.

His face burned and his shame became stronger.

If he knew that he would be met with this cold treatment, he wouldn’t have come!

He had come to the wedding ceremony because he wanted to embarrass the emperor in front of everyone, but the emperor didn’t give him that chance at all.  After bowing to the heaven and earth, he brought that ugly bride into the nuptial chambers, causing his plan to be useless.

“Your highness, drink a bit less.  You’ll harm yourself by drinking too much.”

Chen Bi Yun had been carefully sitting on the side.  She saw that Chu Shao Yang’s mood was bad, but she didn’t understand why.

“You don’t need to care about this king’s matter!  Shut up for this king!” Chu Shao Yang was completely pissed off.  There was only Chen Bi Yun beside him, so he could only vent his anger on Chen Bi Yun.

Chen Bi Yun closed her mouth in fear.

Chu Shao Yang drank his wine for a while.  He saw that the other tables were very lively and only his table was cold, with no one even talking, he was even more annoyed.

“Are you mute?  Why aren’t you saying a single thing?  Are you not willing to talk to this king?  You can scram if you’re not willing!”

Chen Bi Yun’s tear came out from being aggrieved, but she didn’t dare cry, so she could only keep it in.

“Your highness, you didn’t let Yun’er talk…..”

“If this king wants you to die, would you die!”  Chu Shao Yang angrily said.

“Your highness…..”  Chen Bi Yun forcefully bit her lips, keeping her tears in.

“Talk for this king!”

Chen Bi Yu opened her mouth, “Your highness, what do you want Yun’er to say?”

“You’ll talk about whatever this king wants you to say?  Do you not have a brain?” Chu Shao Yang was in a bad mood.  He didn’t know why he was angry, but he just strangely felt annoyed.

“I…..”  Chen Bi Yun bit her lips, but suddenly thought of something, “Your highness, the emperor’s empress just now, she seemed very familiar.  It’s like I’ve seen her before, which family’s young miss is she? Has Yun’er seen her before?”

She asked the question that Chu Shao Yang was most interested in.

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold snort and narrowed his slightly drunk eyes, “You’ve seen her before?  How could you have seen ehr? She is just a commoner girl, no identity, no status, and even a cripple!  Ha, ha, I’ve also heard that she is very ugly! How could you have seen her before!”

“But Yun’er really feels like I’ve seen her before and she’s very familiar.  Your highness, don’t you think she looks like big sister?” Chen Bi Yun looked over.

Actually when the bride had appeared, she was the same as Chu Shao Yang and her body trembled.

She even wanted to cry out.

Although the bride had the red veil over her face, she could tell with a single glance that it was Chen Ning!

She had grown up with Chen Ning and she was very familiar with Chen Ning.  Her gestures and her posture, she was very familiar with Chen Ning……

But didn’t she hear that Chen Ning already wasn’t his highness’ legal princess and married to East Qin as the Crown Princess?  How could she become the emperor’s new bride?

So Chen Bi Yun always suspected that she recognized the wrong person.  That was just a girl that was very similar to Chen Ning.

But the suspicion in her heart always lingered and she finally voiced them.

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