Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 907

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Chapter 907: Who dares cause trouble in the bridal chamber

He suddenly thought of something, wanting to charge out to grab that hand.

Damn!  What nonsense was he thinking!  She was the emperor’s bride, an ugly and crippled girl!  She wasn’t even worthy of being his Ning’er’s feet wash maid!

Why did he want to grab her hand!

Chu Shao Yang wanted to give himself a slap.  He looked away from the new bride and picked up the wine up in front of him, drinking it all down.

But he drank too fast and it went down the wrong way, causing him to break out in coughs.

The wedding hall was silent and all the guests had solemn expressions, watching the emperor and his new bride bowing to the ancestors.  Chu Shao Yang’s sudden cough suddenly drew everyone’s dissatisfied looks.

Even Empress Dowager Zhou looked at him with displeasure.

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned red and he cycled his internal energy which stopped the coughing.

“After bowing to the ancestors, bow at the altar.  Ceremony minister, start the ceremony.” Empress Dowager Zhou said.

She was a bit worried and tired, so she wanted to end the wedding as soon as possible.

But until now, everything had been smooth without any accidents.

The couple quickly finished bowing to the heaven and earth before Mo Chuan took his bride into the nuptial chambers.

Mo Chuan didn’t say anything as he directly picked up his bride and walked away into the nuptial chambers.  His steps were quick and large and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared in front of everyone.

The ministers looked at each other in dismay and didn’t know if they should follow.

Seeing the emperor’s thoughts, it seemed like he didn’t welcome them at all.

According to traditions, the more lively the nuptial chambers were, the better the couple’s future was.

But for the emperor’s nuptial chambers, if the emperor didn’t welcome them, who dared to head in?

So everyone looked at Empress Dowager Zhou.

Empress Dowager Zhou looked a bit embarrassed.  It was clear that she did not expect the emperor to behave like this, leaving without even saying a word.

But she understood immediately after thinking about it.  Her son didn’t want everyone to follow him into the nuptial chamber, after all, there was that terrifying birthmark on his bride’s face.  If the ministers saw it, they would discuss it in the future.

The emperor’s young face was thin, how could he take it!

Understandable, understandable!

Empress Dowager Zhou thought it through and revealed a faint smile.  She was after all experienced and have dealt with all kinds of circumstances.

So she said a few witty words and made the ministers break out in laughter.

“This table has the emperor’s wedding wine.  Even if everyone’s tolerance isn’t good, drink a few more cups.  This wine, this widow has waited for twenty four years to finally drink it.  Come, everyone drink a toast with this widow.”

Empress Dowager Zhou raised her wine cup with a smile and drank it all.  The ministers all raised their cups and followed along, making the scene very lively.

Chu Shao Yang sat alone sipping his wine.  The other ministers were all toasting each other and talking to each other, but everyone pretended not to see him.  Not a single person actually came forward to toast him, they treated him like he didn’t exist.

Being ignored by everyone like this was a first for Chu Shao Yang!

He was filled with incomparable rage and thought of the reason.  Naturally it was being divorced by Chen Ning in front of everyone in the east field, becoming the first man to be divorced in the West Chu Country.

All the men present looked down on him and disdained talking to him.

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