Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 906

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Chapter 906: Just as sad

Chu Shao Yang’s heart finally fell down as he revealed a faint smile once again.

She wasn’t Ning’er!

Ning’er definitely was not a cripple!

Only she looked too much like Ning’er and he missed Ning’er too much, so he mistakenly thought that she might be the same person.

The emperor must be willing to marry her because she was a bit like Ning’er.

Chu Shao Yang thought this while looking at Chen Bi Yun beside him.

Chen Bi Yun had already applied the healing ointment he had prepared, but it couldn’t be healed in a single night.  Her face was still as thin as a skull and she was too ugly to see people, so she had a thick veil covering her face, only revealing a pair of eyes.

She and Chen Ning were sisters with the same father and different mothers.  If one had to mention a similarity, they both had large charming eyes.

Only Ning’er’s eyes were clear without any impurities and Chen Bi Yun’s eyes were sly and calculating.

Chu Shao Yang did not know what mood Chen Bi Yun was in right now, only when he looked at her sometimes, he would vaguely see Chen Ning’s shadow over her.  It was just because of the similarity between her and Ning’er that he was unwilling to let her die.

As for the emperor?  Was he marrying this lame footed girl because he was the same as her?  After losing what he couldn’t obtain, did he find something similar to replace it with?

He, he, he never thought that the emperor would be as sad as him!

Chu Shao Yang curled his lips and tauntingly looked at Mo Chuan in the wedding robes.  Suddenly his brows knit together.

He saw Mo Chuan move forward to welcome his lame footed bride.  Then in front of everyone, he picked up up before turning around, moving forward towards the wedding altar.


Everyone couldn’t help stirring as they secretly laughed.  It seemed like the emperor couldn’t wait, he wanted to go into the nuptial chambers with his new bride.

Some even thought that it seemed like the emperor didn’t hate his crippled bride at all and even seemed to pity her.

Chu Shao Yang kept staring at the bride with narrow eyes.  Seeing her being tightly held in the emperor’s chest, he couldn’t help revealing a look of hatred.

Although he knew that this wasn’t Chen Ning and was just a girl that seemed like her, he couldn’t help being filled with jealousy.

Empress Dowager Zhou finally let out a pleased smile.

She knew that she didn’t pick the wrong person.  Although she was ugly and crippled, the emperor would find her inner beauty.

As expected, in just a short three days, the emperor already began to care for his new bride.

She smiled as she watched Mo Chuan carry his new bride to the wedding altar before letting her down.

“Start the ceremony.”  Mo Chuan expressionlessly looked at the stunned ceremony minister to the side.

The guests couldn’t help wanting to laugh.

They never thought that the emperor would be this anxious.  After waiting for this long, now he couldn’t wait a bit longer.

“Ke, ke, ke.”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave a few coughs before looking at Mo Chuan and softly saying, “Emperor, you should bring your bride to bow to your ancestors before going through the ceremony.”

“Ok, let’s bow to the ancestors first.  Take the wine.”

Mo Chuan took the wine cup and the bridesmaid brought a wine cup for the bride.

The new bride took out a slender hand from the red wedding dress and took the wine cup.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were instantly attracted by that hand.  Her hand was as smooth as jade and her fingers were beautifully slender, just seeing it raised a strange feeling in his heart.

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