Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 903

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Chapter 903: Having no regrets in love

Yes, it was because of this that he would appear here.

This was what his Ning’er wanted him to so, so he came.  He wanted to be a man who could take responsibility, he didn’t want to disappoint his Ning’er.


Chu Shao Yang slowly walked beside Chen Bi Yun and looked down at her.  Her hair was messy as a nest and her nervous face was covered with her hands.  She was curled up like a shrimp and there were two bones that protruded from her back.

She was thin, dirty, and ugly, living like a beggar.

Chu Shao Yang looked at her and suddenly didn’t hate her as much as he hated her before.  He suddenly felt that she was destined to suffer the same fate as him.

Not long ago, he was crawled up like this in the stone room, not being any better than her.  His appearance than had scared himself.

He was hurt by love and she was also hurt by love.  The only difference was that his heart was broken by another girl while she had become like this because of him.

When he was outside the room, he had heard her crazy talk before and her tearful begging, but it didn’t move his cold heart at all.

But without knowing why, seeing her ugly, thin, and curled up appearance at his feet, it was like seeing another one of himself.

He had also abandoned his dignity to beg his beloved girl, but he also obtained nothing.

As for her?  Her stomach still had his flesh and blood in it.

“Your, your highness, Yun’er is very ugly right now, Yun’er can’t face you.  Your highness, quickly leave….leave. Please, Yun’er is begging you.”

Chen Bi Yun’s trembling voice came from her hands.  Her face was deeply buried in her knees and she was trembling.

When Chu Shao Yang hadn’t appeared, she always hoped he would come, but now that he was here, she wanted him to leave as soon as possible.  She didn’t want her most loved man to see her ugly appearance!

If she had hugged Chu Shao Yang’s leg and begged him to take her away, Chu Shao Yang would impatiently kick her away.

But he never would have thought that she would be so humiliated that she wouldn’t even dare look at him!

It was clearly he who had caused her to look like this, but she didn’t have him at all and loved him like before…..

Chu Shao Yang’s heart was suddenly moved.

“Even if he has committed a thousand wrongs, it wasn’t wrong for him to love you!”

That was what the Eldest Princess had shouted to Ning’er for him.

Then Chen Bi Yun?  Why was she not the same?

Even if she committed a thousand mistakes, she was still the only girl in this world who loved him without regret in this world!

Even if Chu Shao Yang’s heart was made of stone, it couldn’t not soften at this time.

He slowly bent down and parted Chen Bi Yun’s nest like hair.  He held her face in his palm and lifted it up, looking at her without turning.

“Your highness, Yun’er is very ugly.  You…..Don’t look at me…..”

Chen Bi Yun tightly closed her eyes and tears began to flow.  The current her wanted to find a place to hide, not letting Chu Shao Yang see her face.

“It was this king that made your face like this.  You, do you have this king?” Chu Shao Yang asked in an indifferent voice without any emotions.

“No, no! Yun’er has never hated you.  Your highness, Yun’er doesn’t know how much she has thought of you.  No matter how you treat Yun’er, Yun’er will never hate you because you are Yun’er’s most beloved person in this world!  Even if it was dying for you, Yun’er is willing!”

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