Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 904

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Chapter 904: Wedding day

Chen Bi Yun finally opened her eyes and she looked at Chu Shao Yang.  There was a burning glowing in his eyes that made her ugly face seem less ugly.

She reached out as if she wanted to touch his face, but quickly shrank back and looked away.

“Your highness, Yun’er is very dirty and ugly right now, Yun’er is not qualified to serve you.”

Chu Shao Yang revealed a faint smile.  His smile was like the sun, making Chen Bi Yun’s heart warm up.

“Yun’er, what nonsense are you saying.  This king specially came this time to pick you up.”

“Pick me up?  Where are we going?”  Chen Bi Yun foolishly asked.

“Of course it’s to go back to our home.  You are this king’s concubine, you have this king’s flesh and blood inside of you.”

“Your highness, you believe me?  You believe that the child in my stomach is yours?”  Chen Bi Yun was pleasantly surprised.


Chu Shao Yang didn’t say much as he picked up Chen Bi Yun and his eyes fell onto her stomach.

Her stomach was much bigger than before, but she seemed much lighter than before.  She was so light that it seemed like she was just bones.

“Yun’er, you’ve been wronged during this time you’ve stayed in the Cold Palace.  After returning to the palace, this king will feed you until you’re fat, you won’t ever be this thin again.  This king wants you to give birth to a healthy son for me.”

Chen Bi Yun’s tears flowed down as she was filled with happiness.  She waited and hoped for this long and finally this day came. She had finally waited until her beloved man changed his mind.

Chu Shao Yang carried Chen Bi Yun as he left the Cold Palace with quick steps.

He had a constant smile on his face.

Tomorrow, Chu Mo Chuan, I will bring my woman and my child to see your wedding.  I want to personally see how ugly this girl you are marrying is!

The emperor’s wedding, it was a nationwide celebration.

Although the wedding had been rushed and the emperor ordered it to be simple, the wedding of a country’s ruler would always be grand and magnificent.

The ministers and generals were all wearing festive clothes as they went with the emperor to the temple to pray in the morning before returning to the palace.  The wedding was set to take place in the palace and Empress Dowager Zhou personally handled everything. Everything was completely in place with no messes at all.

Red candles filled the wedding hall as ministers and general poured in.  Empress Dowager Zhou was sitting right in front.

Mo Chuan wore large red wedding robes which matches his bright face, making it shine.

Today was his wedding day, but he was as calm as always, revealing no emotions.  This made Empress Dowager Zhou unable to calm down, afraid that some accident would happen.

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help asking Su Jin in a small voice, “Su Jin, is the emperor dissatisfied with his bride?  Why does this widow feel that he isn’t happy at all?”

Su Jin looked at Mo Chuan.  She knew in her heart that how could the emperor not be happy, he was bursting with joy, but he was desperately holding it in.  Even if everyone here was added together, they wouldn’t be as happy as the emperor!

He was about to marry his most beloved woman, how could he not be happy!

“Empress Dowager, you are thinking too much.  The emperor is a country’s ruler, if he revealed a foolish grin like any other grooms, it would ruin the emperor’s prestige!”

“That’s right.  Su Jin is right, this widow is thinking too much.”  Empress Dowager Zhou laughed.

She looked around the wedding hall, “Why isn’t the bride here yet?  Did something change?”

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