Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 902

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Chapter 902: Pink skull

The two palace girls couldn’t help rolling their eyes as they muttered, “Maniac!”  the two of them were too lazy to care and went further away.

They were only responsible for nothing happening to the child in Chen Bi Yun’s stomach, so it was unavoidable for them to disdain her.  Moreover, King Ding Yuan had already ordered them to properly “take care” of her.

Chen Bi Yun was crying and laughing as she sat on the ground.  She caressed her bulging stomach as she muttered, “Child, why does you dad not come to see your mom?  Why is he so heartless! You are clearly his child, why doesn’t he admit it? He doesn’t know, but I really am thinking of him.  No matter how he treats me, there is only him in my heart, only him! But why does he still think of that slut! Chen Ning, why don’t you die!”

She cursed for a while before crying again, “Your highness, Yun’er really is thinking of you.  Come and see Yun’er, alright? As long as you look at me once, I am willing to kneel at your feet and become your slave.  As long as you bring Yun’er out of this Cold Palace. This place is cold and dark, Yun’er is very afraid. Your highness, bring Yun’er away, alright?”

She cried in despair, just like Chu Shao Yang was in front of her.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice coming from outside the door.


Chen Bi Yun was stunned, not daring to believe her ears for a while.  She thought she was in a dream.

Actually, she heard Chu Shao Yang’s voice every day and saw him appear in front of her.  She would dream that he would affectionately look at her and tell her that he had wronged her.  He would tell her that the child in her stomach was his and he would take her away……

She was in a daze as she placed her finger in her mouth and bit down!


Tears fell down in pain.  When her eyes were covered in tears, she saw the two doors opening without any wind.

In the moonlight, a purple figure bathed in this moonlight appeared in front of her, standing tall and proud.

That handsome face, that tall and straight figure, and that black hair dancing in the wind, he was like an immortal that came from the heavens.

That was the highness she could never forget, the one she always thought of!

Chen Bi Yun’s tears fell down her face and she suddenly gave a cry of surprise.  Her hands covered her face and she crawled into a ball, desperately shrinking into a corner.

She thought of her ugly face.  She wouldn’t let her beloved person see it no matter what, otherwise he would hate her and throw her away.

But before she lowered her head, Chu Shao Yang had already seen her face and his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Pink skull!

These were the words that appeared in his mind.

That face that was as charming as a hibiscus was gone, instead it was replaced with a white skeleton like face.  The muscles on her face were already rotten, only leaving a layer of skin on her skull. There were only those two moving eyeballs left that showed that she was still alive.

Although he knew that this skull like face was his own doing, Chu Shao Yang was still shocked.

But he endured and didn’t show any strange expressions.

He recalled what Chen Ning had said to him before.

“Chu Shao Yang, if you’re still a man and you have any sense of responsibility, you will take Chen Bi Yun out of the Cold Palace.  You will let her safely give birth to your child and properly raise that child. Don’t let him not have a father as soon as he is born!”

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