Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 901

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Chapter 901: Which Princess Consort

Chen Ning nodded with a faint smile.

Xiao Ru’s chin almost fell down, “Oh, young miss!  Am I dreaming? Pinch me, quickly pinch me!”

“Silly girl, you’re not dreaming!”  Chen Ning helplessly pinched hard on the back of her hand.  Xiao Ru knit her brows in pain, but her smile was so wide she couldn’t close her mouth.

“Really, this isn’t a dream.  If the old master knew that the young miss would become the empress, he would certainly be very happy!”

“My father?”  Chen Ning’s face suddenly sank.  She already wasn’t General Chen’s daughter anymore, this made her heart feel painful thinking about it.

Although she had freed herself, she was a bit reluctant over that father of the original owner she never met.  That great general that everyone respected, she….was not blessed enough to be his daughter.

“Xiao Ru, remember, I’m not General Chen’s daughter anymore, I am just a commoner girl.  If you want to follow me, you must never forget this.”

“But why?  This servant does not understand.”  Xiao Ru blinked her confused eyes.

“You don’t need to understand, you just need to remember this.”

“Alright, this servant will remember it.”  Xiao Ru forcefully nodded.

She knew that she was dumb, but she would definitely do anything the young miss ordered her to do.

In the Cold Palace, there was another girl who couldn’t sleep.  She kept walking around the room, talking to herself.

“The emperor is getting married, why are you not letting me out yet?  I want to leave this place, I want to find his highness. I want to tell him that the child in my stomach is his, it’s his…..Where’s his highness?  Why isn’t his highness here to see me? Why? Hey, you two, tell me, where is his highness? The emperor is getting married, why doesn’t he come see me?”

The girl had her hair covering her face and she suddenly charged at the window.  She held the bars as she shouted at the two palace girls outside the window.

The two palace girls were already used to her crazy words.  They didn’t even look up as they kept doing their own thing.

The girl became even more angry as she shouted, “You dare disrespect me!  Do you know who I am, I am the Ding Yuan Princess! You two are dog servants!  Wait until his highness is back, I will have his highness cut off your dog heads!”

“Ding Yuan Princess?”  A palace girl finally looked up and gave a cold snort.  She disdainfully said, “What Princess Consort are you? The real Ding Yuan Princess has already married to the far off East Qin Country to become the Crown Princess!  Oh, you must not know this yet, right? She threw divorce papers at King Ding Yuan in front of everyone! Your beloved highness was divorced by his princess! He, he, this matter has already spread across the capital city, but you still don’t know?  You’re still dreaming? Even if King Ding Yuan doesn’t have a princess now, would he take you as his princess? Chen Bi Yun, look at yourself in a mirror, are you worthy?”

The girl raised her face.  There were bumps all over her face, like she had been bit by bugs all over her face.  She used her hand to touch her own face and suddenly screamed.

“Nonsense!  You two cheap servants are talking nonsense!  It’s that slut Chen Ning who harmed me, she caused me to become like this!  I want to kill her!  Kill her!  She is the Crown Princess, then what am I?  I am the Ding Yuan Princess, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

She shouted and laughed like a madman.

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