Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 900

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Chapter 900: Brewing storm

Empress Dowager Zhou let out a long sigh, “This widow’s hair is already white from waiting and this day is finally here.”

This night, Empress Dowager Zhou held Su Jin’s hand as she thought of when Mo Chuan was young.  She talked and talked and she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing.

Su Jin also silently began to cry.

She knew that Empress Dowager Zhou had hidden these words in her heart for a long time and the only person who could listen was her.

When the light shined through the paper window, Empress Dowager Zhou squeezed a tear from the corner of her eye as she closed them and fell asleep.

Su Jin softly covered Empress Dowager Zhou with a blanket and silently retreated.

Her heart was still beating fast.  The emperor’s wedding, could it be completed smoothly?

The emperor and miss Chen, can these lovers finally be married?

Everyone thought that the emperor was pampering his future empress ahead of time, but in Mo Chuan’s palace, the two of them had been in separate rooms the entire time.

In these three days, Chen Ning had lived in the inner room while Mo Chuan had rested on the couch outside.  He kept his words, before they were married, he would not take a single step too far, even decreasing the amount he kissed and hugged her.

He was busy from morning until late at night each day.  When he came back, she was already asleep.

He would quietly move to her room and silently watch over her sleeping before silently walking away.

Although the two lived together, they almost never saw each other during the past three days and didn’t even talk to each other.

Chen Ning wanted to wait for him sometimes so she could talk to him, but when she was waiting, she unknowingly fell asleep and it was already dawn when she woke up.

This matter of the wedding, she really didn’t care at all.

This was because Mo Chuan had said that everything should be left to him, she just needed to become a newlywed wife.

She agreed with a smile.

So she lived very comfortably during the past three days, this was the most relaxed three days since she had transmigrated.  The most happy thing for her was that Mo Chuan sent Xiao Si to sneak Xiao Ru into the palace to accompany her.

When Xiao Ru saw her, she was so excited that she almost turned Mo Chuan’s palace upside down.

It was lucky that she had already expected this.  She had Xiao Si send everyone out of the palace, otherwise this secret wouldn’t have been kept until her and Mo Chuan’s wedding day.

“Young miss, this servant thought she wouldn’t see you again in this life!  Great, great!”

Xiao Ru threw her head into her chest.  She was shouting and laughing, crying and complaining.  Chen Ning didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Alright, you crazy girl, do you want to cry until I’m dead?”  She patted the back of Xiao Ru’s head, “What never seeing me in this life, aren’t I in front of you right now?”

“But…..When this servant woke up, young miss was already gone.  After that, the people in the guest palace all said that young miss left in the morning, marrying to East Qin as the Crown Princess!  You actually left this servant behind! Don’t you know how hurt this servant was and how much this servant cried! Look, look, this servant’s eyes are still swollen.”

Xiao Ru blinked and her tearful eyes were as swollen as walnuts.

Chen Ning hugged her in pain, “Silly girl, I’ve said that I wouldn’t throw you away no matter what, how could I not want you?  Didn’t I pick you up?”

Xiao Ru stopped crying suddenly as she excitedly looked around.

“This is the emperor’s palace?  It’s so beautiful and large! Young miss, are you going to marry the emperor and become his empress?”

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