Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 899

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Chapter 899: Waiting for ten years

The Eldest Princess suddenly began to cry.  She raised the sword on the ground and said through gritted teeth, “My royal brother is truly heartless, how could he do this to Ning’er?  If he wasn’t my royal brother, I would cut him down with a single slash……”

“Shh, Eldest Princess!”  Ye Ting Xuan quickly took the sword from her hand and placed a finger over her lips, “Don’t say anything, what we should do now is prepare a gift for the emperor and empress.  Two days from now, we will go into the palace for the wedding.”

“Alright, this princess will prepare a large gift for him and it will definitely shock my royal brother!”  The Eldest Princess pulled out of Ye Ting Xuan’s grasp and said in a hateful voice.

The emperor’s wedding, although the decree said that everything would be simple, there were still many things that had to be done.

In these three days, not only Empress Dowager Zhou worked from day to night, even Mo Chuan couldn’t stay idle.  He was busy every day until the moon was in the sky before he could return to his palace.

The people in the palace all knew that the future empress was living in the emperor’s palace.  Although this wasn’t proper, the Empress Dowager didn’t say anything, so what could they say.

As for Empress Dowager Zhou, she just wanted to avoid trouble right now.  As for the emperor’s conduct, she could only keep one eye closed.

She just hoped that the emperor could get married on an auspicious day and as for everything else, she didn’t want to care.

The emperor was willing to pamper his empress ahead of time, this was not anything incredible and it wasn’t immoral at all.  Not to mention that in the royal harem, there was Empress Dowager Zhou there, so who dared to spread baseless rumours?

On the eve of Mo Chuan’s wedding, Empress Dowager Zhou laid on her bed listening to the sound of the wind outside the window.  No matter how she tossed and turned, she couldn’t fall asleep at all.

“Su Jin!”  She called out.

“Empress Dowager!”  Su Jin immediately came in.

She was guarding outside the door, like she she already knew that Empress Dowager Zhou would call for her.

“This widow can’t fall asleep, come talk with this widow.”  Empress Dowager Zhou put on a cloak and sat up. Su Jin immediately placed a pillow behind her back, letting her lean back.

“What does the Empress Dowager want to talk about?”  Su Jin helped Empress Dowager Zhou rest her legs and spoke in a soft voice.

Empress Dowager Zhou shook her head, “This widow just can’t fall asleep, my heart is jumpy like something bad is about to happen tomorrow.  Su Jin, do you think the emperor’s wedding tomorrow will happen smoothly?”

Su Jin lowered her head and said, “The Empress Dowager is just too worried.  We have already prepared everything and everything will be as the Empress Dowager wants tomorrow.  It can’t be any smoother.”

She said this, but her heart kept beating fast and she was so nervous that she almost couldn’t breathe.

She was most worried that Empress Dowager Zhou would ask for Chen Ning’s name, she would have to answer.  Luckily in these past three days, Empress Dowager Zhou never asked her this.

In this silent night, if Empress Dowager Zhou suddenly asked this, she really didn’t know how to respond.

“You’re right, this widow is thinking too much for the emperor.  You don’t know this, but this widow has been waiting for this day for a long time and it is finally here.”

Empress Dowager Zhou closed her eyes and revealed a smile.

“Since this widow gave birth to the emperor, this widow has been waiting for the day he grew up and became an adult.  This widow is waiting for him to take a wife and have children, opening up the royal family. This widow has been waiting for close to ten years!  Ten years!”

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