Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 885

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Chapter 885: Standing out from the crowd

“What I was just thinking, do you want to know?”  His voice was low as it sounded in her ear. The warm breath hit her ear and it made her body tremble.

“I don’t want to know, not one bit.”

She didn’t need to ask to know, he definitely wasn’t thinking of anything good.  Her face was against his chest and she could feel his strong heartbeat. His body…..was truly warm!

He spread her palms and crossed fingers with her, tightly holding her.  He said with a soft laugh, “I was thinking about our wedding night. Three days from now, I want to hug you like this and kiss you, and then I want to…..”

His lips came to her ear and spoke in a low voice that only she could hear.

Chen Ning’s face turned red and she wanted to move away, but he tightly held her.  The warm aura around him surrounded her entire body and she couldn’t escape at all.

“Mo Chuan.”  She looked up at him.  Her eyes shined bright and her smile was like a flower blooming.

“Un?”  He warmly looked at her, his face was covered in affection.

“Us lying to the Empress Dowager like this, is it really alright?  There’s no need for three days, I believe that she’ll soon find out that I wasn’t on the list of people she invited into the palace.  She…..If she knew the truth, she will surely be angry.”

Chen Ning slightly knit her brow, speaking with a trace of worry.

This plan was set by Mo Chuan.  She didn’t want to agree at first, but with how firm Mo Chuan was, he didn’t allow any complaint from her at all.

What birthmark, what lame foot, it was all a trick Mo Chuan had thought of.

Chen Ning of course understood why Mo Chuan had her do this.  He wanted her to simply change her appearance and use a different face to meet Empress Dowager Zhou to see if Empress Dowager Zhou would have different impression of her.

But she never thought that Empress Dowager Zhou would be so indifferent at first and would care about her more and more.  Especially when she heard Empress Dowager Zhou protect her, she almost broke out in tears.

She had never seen such warmth and love from Empress Dowager Zhou looking at her before.  Those warm eyes were like that of a mother looking at her own child, it made her feel much closer to Empress Dowager Zhou.

She had felt this kind of motherly love from Empress Dowager Zhou and it was because of this that she felt unsettled.

“Silly girl, how could mother be angry!  She doesn’t even know how much she likes you now!  Tell me, how could you do this well? I never thought that you would use only half a day to subdue my mother.  You don’t know how stubborn of a person she is!”

Mo Chuan looked at her and his eyes sparkled with joy.  There was a deep praise and admiration deep in his eyes.

He had saw everything that had happened today.  He looked calm on the surface, not looking at her at all, but no one knew that the corner of his eyes had been following her the entire time, never leaving her.

He didn’t know about Empress Dowager Zhou’s strange tests at all and she didn’t know either, but she had cleared Empress Dowager Zhou’s tests very smoothly.  Moreover, she had instantly caught Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes, standing out from the crowd, filling him with admiration!

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