Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 884

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Chapter 884: The colder a person is, the more passionate they are

Mo Chuan’s voice was relaxed and had a trace of teasing to it.

The girl’s face became more red and the white skin revealed a faint blush.  Mo Chuan’s heart skipped a beat seeing this and he couldn’t help lowering his head.

“Wu, stop playing.”  She covered his mouth and gave a laugh that sounded like a silver bell, “I’m this ugly, can you still kiss me!”

“In my eyes, you will never be ugly.”

He pulled aside her hand as his warm and greedy lips fell onto her lips, forcefully hugging her.

Her hands came up and wrapped around his neck.  The two of them tightly held each other and kissed.  Their hearts were immersed in this deep joy and sweetness, forgetting everything around them.

The air became warmer and warmer.

Her body was soft and warm and her skin was fine and smooth.  The sweet breath entered Mo Chuan’s nose and he gradually couldn’t hold on.  His lips began to slide down her slender, white neck.

“Don’t, Mo Chuan, so itchy.”  She smiled as she dodged his lips.

“Do you remember what I said?  If you say no, I will kiss you.”

When Mo Chuan held and kissed her, he felt that he couldn’t use any strength.  So, he walked to the bed and placed her on the bed, pressing down on her, but didn’t fully cover her, afraid of hurting her.  He kissed her lips again, blocking the sounds of protests she wanted to make with his lips.

He closed his eyes and focused on kissing her.

His lips were soft and fiery, warm and burning, bringing a warm feeling that entered into her heart.

Chen Ning’s face turned red and she began panting, somewhat unable to take his passion.  She wanted to move aside to take a breath, but he followed her, not letting her leave at all.

His kiss became more and more fiery and her heart almost jumped out from his kiss.  Her cheeks were hotter than flames, but numb feeling swept over her body, making her enraptured with it.

Her already squinted eyes began to blur.  She looked at his handsome face, slender nose, and his dark, long lashes……

She thought in a daze, this Mo Chuan normally seems so cold, but no one would have thought that he would be a flame when he fired up, it could simply melt a person.  She was just a mortal, she couldn’t take this kind of passionate flame!

With just a single kiss, she was burning up this much.  When they reached their wedding night, would he become a beast and eat her up, not even leaving any bones?

She suddenly shivered.

Mo Chuan was completely focused on kissing her, but feeling her tremble, he let her go and asked, “Ning’er, are you cold?”

His body was filled with flames and his body was burning.  His head was covered in sweat and he was completely burning, but she was shivering.

He looked down at her in his embrace and saw that her face was completely red.  Because of his kiss, her lips were red and moist. The shyness on the face of a young girl was enough to move one’s heart.  She was clearly as moved as he was.

“No, I’m not cold.”  She shook her head. Thinking of the ridiculous thought she just had, her face became even more red.

“Your face is red.  Tell me, what were you thinking when I was kissing you, un?”

His eyes seemed like they could penetrate her thoughts.  He saw that her heart was in a panic and she quickly closed her eyes.

“I…..I wasn’t thinking of anything.”

“Not thinking of anything?”  Mo Chuan’s finger softly stroked her face and passed over her red and moist lips.

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