Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 845

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Chapter 845: The rules in the palace

Although they were currently acting under the Empress Dowager’s orders, if they really beat Xiao Si to death and the emperor found out.  The Empress Dowager was his mother and he wouldn’t do anything to her, but these people couldn’t escape.

If the emperor was angered, the light punishment would be decapitation and perhaps even their families would be implicated.

The guards lifted their sticks, but didn’t dare hit.

When Empress Dowager Zhou saw this, she was filled with anger and slapped the table.

“Dog servant, your mouth is truly sly, it was a servant like you who misled the good emperor.  Without you, how could the emperor become what he is today! Hit heavily for this widow, beat this dog servant to death.  When the emperor comes back, wait for him to collect your corpse. What use is there in keeping an useless servant like you, you would just hold the emperor back!  Someone, close his mouth first for this widow and stop him from speaking anymore nonsense! What are you doing, you won’t even listen to this widow?  Why aren’t you moving your hands!”

Xiao Si secretly complained, he knew that Empress Dowager Zhou was angry, but his beating was still an injustice.  He only hoped that when the emperor came back, he would still have a bit of breath and could see the emperor one final time.

When the guards heard Empress Dowager Zhou’s firm orders, helplessly, they could only find a cloth to cover Xiao Si’s mouth.  Then they raised their sticks high up and began to beat Xiao Si’s butt.

“Fifteen, ten…..”  The people on the side began to count.

Empress Dowager Zhou angrily said, “What are you counting for, beat him until he’s dead!”

Su Jin did not dare move.  She secretly looked at the guards a few times to have them show mercy, not really beating Xiao Si to death.

She knew that Xiao Si’s life and death were in the hands of these guards.  The palace’s old people knew that when these sticks hit and the sound was loud, the impact was small, just like watching firecrackers.  The victim would only suffer flesh wounds and wouldn’t break any bones.

The worse were the deep hits which weren’t loud at all, but entered deep into the flesh.  Just a few hits would break people’s bones and make them vomit blood.

Actually even if she didn’t give them looks, the guards had their own ideas.  Although the hit several dozen times in quick succession, making Xiao Si’s butt bleed, it didn’t cause heavy injuries.

Only if Su Jin knew this trick with the stick, how could Empress Dowager Zhou not know with her years of palace experience?

She saw that after a few dozen hits, although Xiao Si’s butt was red, but he still looked fine.  She began to fill with even more anger after this.

“All of you are double faced, you think this widow can’t see it!  In ten hits, if this dog servant can still breathe, you no longer have a place in the palace.”

When the guards heard this, how could they still dare show mercy.

With a deep hit, although Xiao Si’s mouth was bound, he still gave a cry of pain.

“Empress Dowager, Empress Dowager you mustn’t……”  Su Jin’s face turned pale. She quickly fell to the floor and helped Xiao Si beg for mercy.”

“Su Jin, if you say another word for this dog servant, you will be punished with him.  Don’t blame this widow for not knowing relations.” Empress Dowager Zhou looked at her.

Su Jin closed her lips as her heart filled with worry.  She knew that Empress Dowager Zhou was venting her anger on Xiao Si, but Xiao Si was innocent, so should he be punished for the emperor like this?

When the emperor came back and saw Xiao Si beaten to death, would he not blame Empress Dowager Zhou?

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