Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 844

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Chapter 844: Beaten to death, forget it

When Zhui Feng was being cursed at, he was filled with annoyance.  He glared at Xiao Si’s back and prepared to ignore him.

“This brat’s mouth is this bad, just let him be beaten to death by the Empress Dowager.”

He gave a snort and found a hidden place to hide himself.  He was going to wait for doctor Zhang to finish treating the Empress Dowager to escort doctor Zhang back.

But when he calmed down and thought about it, the things Xiao Si cursed him with weren’t unreasonable.

This brat Xiao Si was very smart and had many ideas.  When the emperor gave him errands and he couldn’t understand them, it was Xiao Si who gave him ideas which allowed him to figure out the emperor’s thoughts.

If one was to mention who understood the emperor’s thoughts the best, it was Xiao Si!

If Xiao Si was really beaten to death by the Empress Dowager, how hurt would the emperor be!  Even if the emperor wasn’t hurt by this, he, Zhui Feng would still be hurt.

After all, Xiao Si had indeed helped him many times.

Fine, fine, fine, he’ll go and find the emperor.  He hoped that the emperor wouldn’t punish him on account of Xiao Si.

Zhui Feng’s figure swayed and he silently disappeared from the Peaceful Life Palace.

“Xiao Si, if you don’t want to suffer, tell this widow the honest truth.  Where is the emperor!”

In the Peaceful Life Palace, Empress Dowager Zhou was sitting in a seat, sharply staring at Xiao Si.

Xiao Si couldn’t stand up from being bound and he kneeled on the ground.  He didn’t even dare look up, only kowtowing his head.

“Empress Dowager, this servant really doesn’t know where the emperor is.  Even if this servant’s guts were as large as the sky, this servant would not dare lie to the Empress Dowager.”  He knew that disaster was coming today. The Empress Dowager was truly angered and his little life might be lost in this Peaceful Life Palace.

He looked over and saw that the guards already had big sticks that were thicker than their arms and they were painted red.  This was the palace’s largest punishment stick and as long as they hit, one would either die or be crippled.

Xiao Si kept crying inside his heart.  Emperor, ah emperor, if you leave without a word, at least take this servant with you.  Now the Empress Dowager is going to beat this servant to death. When you return to the palace, you won’t be able to see Xiao Si anymore.

“Very good.  This dog servant refuses to talk, someone, time for the large punishment!”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression was soft, but it allowed no discussion. She even ignored Su Jin who wanted to ask for mercy for Xiao Si.

After a pause, she then said, “If he doesn’t talk, then beat him until he does.  If he never talks, then beat him to death!”

The guards gave sounds of acknowledgement.  They brought a bench over and put Xiao Si over it before raising their sticks.

Xiao Si’s soul flew out in fear as he began to beg.

“Empress Dowager, mercy!  This servant really doesn’t know where the emperor is!  Empress Dowager, on account of me serving the emperor all these years without asking for any merit, please show mercy!  It doesn’t matter to you if you beat this lowly servant to death, but if the emperor comes back and doesn’t see this servant, he will certainly be sad.  You are the emperor’s mother, can you bear to see him being hurt?”

Although he was engulfed in terror, he still worked hard to find a way to persuade Empress Dowager Zhou.  His mind was quick and his mouth kept going. These words did have some sense to it and it indeed made Empress Dowager Zhou hesitate a bit.

The guards in charge of the punishment all looked at each other, feeling like they couldn’t do it.

They all knew that Xiao Si was the emperor’s most trusted little eunuch.  They normally didn’t even have time to curry favour with him, how could they dare offend him.

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  1. Kobold says:

    I am sick of this. She doesn’t have right claiming to love his son. Which loving mother doing such this to her son. She only cares about her seat in the palace, that’s all. And this novel us getting unnecessarily draggy.
    What is all about with that stupid emperor who doesn’t want to consummate the marriage for that unrealistic reason? He is not raping her for God sake, and she said it doesn’t hurt her. Only a bit of bruise, and it’s not even because he hit her or such. Her skin will always be that smooth and pale, does it mean that he will forever let her be an untouched wife or what?
    Doesn’t he need a heir at least? I do stand for a respect to a woman, however this is getting too exaggerating I guess.

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