Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 833

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Chapter 833: He was unique, the only one

At this time, he was focused on studying her clothes.  His heart became more anxious and he directly pulled down on her clothes.

“Mo Chuan, this is the wedding clothes the aunty wore.  If you ruin them, the aunty and the old man will be hurt.”  She gave a soft laugh and stopped his hand.

“But these wedding clothes are too hard to take off, how about you help me?”

“I don’t know how either.”  She looked up at him and her lips curled into a smile, “The aunty helped me put this one, it’s too complicated and I didn’t learn.”

Mo Chuan’s face turned black.

What would he do then?

He couldn’t rip it and he couldn’t take it off, he couldn’t run to that aunty to take off the clothes, right?  This was too embarrassing.

But he looked like a charming flower in front of his eyes.  He could look at her and he couldn’t eat her, this was truly torturous on his heart.

Chen Ning began to laugh, bending over while laughing.

Why didn’t she notice that Mo Chuan was this cute and easy to trick before.  He treated a casual sentence from her as real.

“Alright, so you were just teasing me.  See how I take care of you!”

He was ashamed and annoyed, as he held her arm and tickled her armpit.

She began to beg for mercy, “Ah yo, I don’t dare, I truly don’t dare.”

Her voice was tender and delicate, making his heart beat fast hearing it.  He unconsciously stopped his hand, but he was still holding her, looking at her with a stern expression.

“Speak, why are you playing me!”

“I just wanted to tease you, who told you to make me angry.  We’ve gone tit for tat and now we’re even.” She revealed a smile.

“How can a girl like you be so stingy.”

“I am this stingy, do you regret marrying me?  You can still regret this, no one saw our marriage ceremony and it can not count.”

“Who says it does!  If you say it doesn’t count, I’ll, I’ll…..”

“What will you do?”  She raised her chin and stared at him with a smile.

“I’ll…..kiss you.”

He lowered his head and kissed her lips.  He slowly pressed her down on the bed and closed his eyes, completely focusing on kissing her.

This was a kiss without any hesitation, it was like he wanted to pass all his love to her through this kiss.

He was not anxious to pull off her robe.  That hot as flame feeling disappeared from his body, he just wanted to kiss her and that was enough.

Chen Ning’s eyes became slightly wet again.  She bore his kiss and also replied to it.

She could feel his sincerity and his love.  He even respected her at this time, controlling himself.  He always paid attention to what she wanted and didn’t force her at all.

In this world, she could not find a second man who loved her and treated her like this.

He was unique, the only one!

But on their wedding night, how can it just end in kissing and hugging?  She said that she would give herself to him!

When Mo Chuan was enamoured in kissing her, her hand quietly moved across her body and the complicated wedding dress was unfastened.  Although the dress was complicated, she had an eidetic memory and could learn just seeing it once.

The large red dress scattered under her body, like a blooming begonia, bright and beautiful.

The snow white inner clothes was loosened in their embrace, revealing her white as jade neck which was slender and beautiful.

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