Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 811

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Chapter 811: The one I’m not willing to give up is you

She knew that this gift would move his heart.

“There’s no more?  Why is there no more?  Ah Ning, where’s the rest of the pictures?  I want to see them, quickly give them to me!”

Na Mu Cuo reached the final page and instantly revealed a look of disappointment.  He looked up anxiously at Chen Ning, revealing a look of overwhelming excitement.

“Of course there are more pictures, but you can’t see them right now.  Ah Cuo, this is the gift I’m giving you. If you pick me, I’ll take away the gift.  Of course, if you like this gift, I’ll give the remainder of the pictures to you.”

She smiled as she looked at him, slightly narrowing her eyes.

Na Mu Cuo angrily stared at her, saying through gritted teeth, “Ah Ning, you are a sly fox!  Doing something like this, you have no compassion!”

Chen Ning just smiled, “Yes, you’re correct, but is the gift I’m giving you worth a year of West Chu tributes?  If you’re willing to take it, the ones to benefit are the millions of East Qin citizens and they will thank you for it, leaving your name in history to be passed down the ages!  Ah Cuo, now you believe that I’m not a person that doesn’t know right from wrong, right?”

Na Mu Cuo was undecided.

His eyes fell onto the book before falling onto her face.  There was a fierce battle in his mind and he couldn’t make his decision at all.

This was because the gift Chen Ning gave him completely exceeded his expectations.  The enticement was just too strong and he couldn’t resist it at all.

But he wasn’t willing to let her go.  The more contact he had with her, the more he found that she was an inexhaustible treasure, bringing him pleasant surprises at any moment.

His heart kept turning, but then he suddenly looked up.  He looked right at her and began to smile with confidence.

“Ah Ning, you really gave me a large problem, but this is also a very clever problem and you almost fooled me.  Why do I need to make a choice, of course I want you!” His eyes sparkled as he laughed.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile and said with a nod, “Alright, give it back to me, I’ll burn it.”

She tried to take the little booklet from Na Mu Cuo’s hand, but his hands held on tightly as he revealed an unwilling look.

“What, is your highness unwilling to give up this present?”  She stared at him with a slight meaning in her eyes.

“Of course…..I’m willing.  The one this prince is unwilling to give up is you.”  Although Na Mu Cuo said this, he was still not willing to let go.

Chen Ning said with a smile, “Let’s set things clear, you can’t want this present if you want me.  Don’t think that I’ll give the rest of the pictures to you after I’ve married you, that is impossible.  I keep my word and always do what I say.”

Na Mu Cuo really did have this idea in his mind, but he never thought Chen Ning would say it first.

He was instantly stunned.

“Ah Ning, why must you force me like this!”  He said with gritted teeth.

“I don’t dare, it’s clearly your highness forcing me.”  Chen Ning put away her smile and said serious, “You know that the one I like is not you.  Even if my body goes to East Qin with you, my heart will remain here and never leave. Ah Cuo, I know you are kind and you’ve deeply loved a girl before, so you must know the pain of not being able to obtain this deep love.  If you really love me, are you willing to make me suffer pain like Ya Li Xian? Although she has already left this world, after all these years, have you truly forgotten her? Ah Cuo, don’t fool yourself. You want to marry me not because you love me, but because you want me as her substitute!”

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