Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 810

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Chapter 810: Want it, or do you want me

But what did it matter if he lost his status, he didn’t want to let her go no matter what.  He was not a second Chu Shao Yang and he didn’t want to become a second Chu Shao Yang.

“Your highness’ meaning is to turn a lie into the truth and make me become your Crown Princess?”  Chen Ning just blinked her eyes.

“Now everyone knows that the one this prince wants to marry is you and this news will be sent back to East Qin soon, sent to my royal father’s ears.  If this prince came back from West Chu without the yearly tribute and without the beauty, going back empty handed, how will I report back to my royal father?  Ah Ning, I don’t want to force you to stay, but did you think about my position? I did my best to help you, but you’re repaying me with this?”

Na Mu Cuo took a breath and the anger in his chest calmed down a bit.  He looked down at her, waiting for her response.

Chen Ning bit her lip and said in a soft voice, “Of course I have thought of your position.  Na Mu Cuo, I have already thought about this for you. I will not make it hard for you, you spared the West Chu citizens from a year of tribute, so I have already prepared a gift for you.”

She gestured to the bag beside her with her lips and said, “Let me go and I’ll let you see it.  I’m certain you will love the present I have for you.”

“I don’t want any presents, I just want you.  You are the greatest present! Ah Ning, marry me.  I will take good care of you, I will not trap you like that bastard Chu Shao Yang……”

His words stopped because he saw her curl her lips into a teasing smile, making his face turn red.

Her eyes seem to be saying, you’re not like Chu Shao Yang?  Then what’s the difference between how you’re acting now and how he acts?

Na Mu Cuo was embarrassed and angry.  He quickly jumped up and pulled her up, letting her sit in the bed as he said, “It’s fine now, isn’t it?  Let’s talk this out properly, I won’t make a move against you.”

Chen Ning smiled because she knew that Na Mu Cuo was different from Chu Shao Yang.  He was straightforward and impulsive, but he lacked the naivety and child like innocence Chu Shao Yang had.  

So she was confident in taking this risk.

“Ah Cuo, you really don’t want to see the present I’ve prepared for you?  Wait until you see the present before you make your decision. Do you want the present or do you want me?  If you’re still determined in making me your Crown Princess afterwards, alright, I’ll go with you without any hesitation.”

Na Mu Cuo’s eyes lit up and he immediately said, “I want you, I don’t want the present!  There is no choice here at all!”

“Look at the present first before you make your decision, alright?”  Chen Ning opened the bag with a smile and pulled out a thin booklet which she placed in Na Mu Cuo’s hand.

Na Mu Cuo flipped through the book without any interest.  There were only pictures on the pages and the book was thin, only being around five-six pages.

“What is this?  Are these pictures you drew?  Ah Ning, I’ve still decided to…..”

He saw the picture on the last page and his breath stopped.  His eyes suddenly popped out and the words froze in his mouth.

He said nothing else as his eyes greedily looked over the pages, not missing a single detail.  After finishing a page, he quickly flipped to the next page, going from one page to another. He looked very carefully over it and his breathing became heavier, clearly becoming much more excited.

Chen Ning just sat there with a smile.  Na Mu Cuo’s reaction was completely within her expectations.

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