Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 812

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Chapter 812: Always waiting for that day

“No!  No! There is only one Ya Li Xian in this world and no one can ever replace her.  Ah Ning, I’ve felt that your eyes were like hers before, but after being with you over these past few days and learning more about you, I know you are different from Ya Li Xian.  I am honest about taking you as my princess, I am sincere!” Na Mu Cuo became excited and forcefully grabbed her hand.

His palm was burning hot and his eyes were even more intense.

“But Ah Cuo, the person I like is not you.  I am a very stubborn person and I won’t easily fall in love with someone, but once I do, I will never change my mind.  I am very clear on what I want. Ah Cuo, you are very clear what is the most important thing to you and that is definitely not me, otherwise you would have chose me without any hesitation when you saw my gift!  You were tempted by this gift meaning that the citizens hold a deeper position in your heart than personal feelings. Ah Cuo, you will definitely become a good and wise emperor in the future and it is a blessing for the East Qin citizens to have an emperor like you!”

Chen Ning’s voice was very calm, but her eyes were very firm.

Na Mu Cuo looked at her for a while before slowly letting go of her hand and giving a nod.

“You are the person that understands me the most in this world.  Ah Ning, you’re right, compared to you, it does have a more important position in my heart.”  He tightly held the booklet as he stood up and turned his back to Chen Ning.

“Leave then.  Before this prince changes his mind, quickly leave!  Otherwise, this prince will feel regret!”

A bright light flashed in Chen Ning’s eyes.

She knew that she had won!

She was finally free!

“Ah Cuo, I’ll send someone to deliver the remaining pictures in ten days, I won’t go back on my word.”

She smiled as she finished talking.  Putting on her little bag, she began to walk out of the tent.  When she reached the door, she suddenly stopped and turned around.

“Ah Cuo!”

Na Mu Cuo’s heart filled with hope.

She changed her mind?  She wasn’t leaving?

“I’m giving this back to you.”  She took the iron goshawk from her neck and put it back in his hands.

Na Mu Cuo didn’t turn around and his fingers could guess what it was.  His hand pushed back and returned the iron goshawk back into her hand.

“This prince will never take back something I’ve given.  Ah Ning, it belongs to you.”

Chen Ning shook her head, “I can’t accept this.  This is something passed down in your East Qin Country for many generations, it has a very deep significance.  The person you should give it to is your future princess and your future empress, that person is definitely not me.”

“Ah Ning, it’s too early for you to say this.  Who can guess what will happen in the future? Perhaps one day the emperor will cast you away?  If it is like this, you can come to East Qin where I’ll always be waiting for you.”

Na Mu Cuo never turned his head back, speaking to her while facing away from her.

He did not dare turn around and didn’t dare look at her.  He was afraid that if he took one last glance, he would regret his decision and regret letting her go!

“He will never cast me away.”  Chen Ning revealed a faint smile.

“Then I’ll always wait, I’ll wait until that day comes.”

“Ah Cuo, is there a need?  There are many good women in this world, there are many girls prettier and better than me……”

He calmly cut her off, “But they aren’t you!  Don’t say anything else. If you don’t leave now, I’ll change my mind and won’t let you leave.”

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