Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 809

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Chapter 809: Promise

“You want to leave?  Why?” The smile on his face disappeared, being replaced with a tense face and dark eyes.  It was like the calm before a storm.

He finally noticed that she had already taken off the incredible red Crown Princess robe, as well as that beautifully decorated headdress covered in gems.

Her long cloud like hair was pulled down and she was wearing a simple white dress that seemed like the most common West Chu style.  There was no bright colours on her, but she was like a blooming lotus that was naturally carved. It was even more eye catching than when she was wearing that magnificent robe.

“This was something we already agreed on, isn’t it?”  Chen Ning smiled.

Her smile was bright and vivid, just like a flower blooming in the night.  Her eyes were sparkling like the stars in the sky had fallen into her eyes.

Na Mu Cuo tightly gritted his teeth.

That’s right, the promise!

The three things he promised her!

He had promised that if he lost at reading steles on horseback, he would agree to one of her conditions.

So this is the condition she wanted.

All of this had been a play, a play for all of the West Chu people!

He had only gone along with a play with her, but he had lost himself in the play and couldn’t differentiate reality from illusion.  He was so deep that he forgot himself and did not want to leave.

“Na Mu Cuo, thank you for wholeheartedly helping me, you did great.  You allowed me to divorce Chu Shao Yang in public and you allowed me to vent in front of everyone.  You also didn’t hesitate to spare our West Chu a year of tributes, so I represent the West Chu citizens to thank you.  If you need my help in the future, with a single word, I Chen Ning will go through fire for you. However, I need to leave now because he is waiting for me.  If I don’t go now, he might really think that I went with you.”

Chen Ning had already prepared her bags and had them on her back.  She revealed a faint smile to Na Mu Cuo and waved her hand.

“Ah Cuo, goodbye!”

She floated to the door like a swallow.

A large hand suddenly grabbed her wrist and forcefully pulled her.  In the next instant, she was being pressed down on a thick cushioned bed nearby by Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo was above her, pressing her down.  He held onto both her wrists, not letting her move at all.

He moved close to her and placed that handsome face right in front her eyes.  His deep dark eyes were burning with flames of anger.

The smile on his face had completely disappeared.

Because her words were like a pail of water that frozen his heart, causing all the blood in his body to turn to ice.

“You want to leave?  Is it that easy? What do you treat me, Na Mu Cuo as?  Something you can throw away when you’re done using him?  Un?” He gritted his teeth and they began to crack. His anger had already completely enveloped him.

His words now were like that of a man-eating beast and she was the prey he had caught, unable to escape.

He definitely would not allow her to escape.

Chen Ning’s face did not reveal the slightest trace of panic, as she indifferently looked right at him.

“This was the condition we agreed on, does your highness want to go back on your word now?”

“This is this prince’s territory, this prince’s words decide everything.  If this prince wants to go back on my word, what can you do?” Na Mu Cuo angrily shouted.  After he finished speaking, he couldn’t help feeling a bit awkward, feeling that these words lost him his status as a country’s Crown Prince.

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  1. ah chen ning… at first i thought this story was interesting and it still kinda is but a lot of the troubles you face you get from digging your own grave… you played with the hearts of 4 powerful men…

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    Now how! Thank you!

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