Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 808

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Chapter 808: I have always been waiting for you

When the sky was dark, the East Qin envoys were already a hundred miles from the capital city.  They found a green mountain to set up camp in.

There were several tents on the grassland they were on.  The most magnificent tent of the bunch was definitely the one that belonged to Na Mu Cuo and the Crown Princess Chen Ning.

Although the two of them hadn’t been married yet, they had an engagement, so everyone acted like the two of them belonged together.

When Na Mu Cuo saw that the servants brought his clothes in and they weren’t thrown back out, his heart couldn’t help beating wildly.  His chest began to fill with joy.

She was silently agreeing!

Na Mu Cuo excitedly parted his lips, revealing his white teeth and laughing without stop.

He stood outside the tent and cleared his throat before beginning to sing happily.

That low and lingering voice drifted into the night, making everyone that heard his song unable to not reveal a faint smile.

They all knew that his highness was considered the nightingale of the prairies.  His singing voice was even more beautiful and clear than the nightingale’s, but his highness never sung.  Even if he did sing, he would find a place without any people and sing a tragic song in a low voice.

But today he was singing a fantastic love song that sounded very moving, as if he was showing his affection with his voice.  Her bright eyes were even clearer than the water atop a sacred mountain lake, her slender figure was just like a walking snow lotus……

Although this was a love song all East Qin people had heard before, the way Na Mu Cuo sung it in such a passionate manner, everyone knew that this was his highness’ passionate confession to his future Crown Princess.

But when they heard this moving song, their minds couldn’t help wandering.  They thought of the cute smiling faces of people from their memories, as if they were right in front of them.

When Na Mu Cuo finished singing his love song, he still couldn’t suppress the excitement and joy in his heart.  He jumped to a river to wash up and changed his clothes, dressing himself up to see her.

This was an important day for him and her, he didn’t want to smoke her off with the smell of sweat on his body.

“Your highness!”

Na Mu Cuo opened the curtain and walked in with large steps.  All the maids inside the tent bowed as they greeted him.

But he ignored all of them.  When he came in, his eyes fell onto Chen Ning sitting at the dressing table with her back to him.

“All of you can leave!”  He waved his hand. The maids all immediately left and not a single one of them made a sound.

There was only him and her left in the tent and without any unsightly people, it became very quiet.

Na Mu Cuo could hear the anxious beating of his heart.

“Ah Ning!”  He shouted. There was a slight tremble in his voice because he was very excited.

“Na Mu Cuo, I have been waiting for you.”

Chen Ning slowly turned and stood up, revealing a sweet smile.

There were more than ten candles in the ten and the light shined onto her jade like face.  Her eyebrows were winding and her smile was full.

Na Mu Cuo looked at her in a daze, he almost did not dare believe his ears.

“You…..were waiting for me?”  He was suddenly filled with regret.  If he knew that she was waiting for him, he would have directly come in.  There was no need to wash up and waste all that time!

That’s right, I was waiting for you to come in to personally say goodbye.  Na Mu Cuo, I want to leave.” She said with a faint smile.

The burning blood inside Na Mu Cuo suddenly turned to ice.

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