Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 799

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Chapter 799: As long as you ask for it.  I’m just afraid you won’t want it.

Her smile made Na Mu Cuo’s heart panic more.  He grabbed her shoulder and shouted, “You’re not allowed to laugh. Tell this prince the truth, are they really like caterpillars?”

His eyebrows were moving.  They were rich and dense, looking very lively as they moved, making them really look like caterpillars.

Chen Ning felt it seemed more like it the more she looked.  She really admired Xiao Ru’s imagination.

“Ah Ning won’t lie to me.  If you think they look like it, then they must truly look like it.  This prince does not want others to see two caterpillars!”

Na Mu Cuo was upset.  He suddenly took out a small dagger and slashed towards his face.

“Hey, what are you doing!”

“I want to cut off these two ugly eyebrows!”  He pouted.

“Puchi!”  Chen Ning broke out in laughter, “Give the blade to me, I’ll fix it so they don’t look like caterpillars.”

“Fix?  How will you do that?”  Na Mu Cuo was stunned, but he still gave the little blade to her.

Chen Ning took the little blade, “Lower your head and close your eyes.”

Na Mu Cuo did as he was told.

Chen Ning held his face and rubbed the dagger across his cheeks.  She deliberately said, “Don’t move! If you move, I might take your life!”

She was joking, but who would have thought that Na Mu Cuo would say without hesitation, “You can take this life whenever you want.  Ah Ning, I am yours and everything of mine is yours as long as you ask! I’m just afraid you won’t want it!”

Her heart strongly trembled as her smile froze on her lips.

These words seemed like they were blurted out, but they were more like sweet talk.  Although he was an intelligent person, he was born on the vast plains, having an open mind and a straight personality, saying whatever he wanted to say!

He wasn’t like Chu Shao Yang who was like a knot in her stomach.

Chen Ning did not say a word and used the small knife to slowly fix his eyebrows, cutting off the excess.

His eyebrows were rich, each one being thick and black.  After a little fixing, they instantly became straight and beautiful, like swords.  They were beautiful like they had just been carved with a blade.

Na Mu Cuo closed his eyes and felt the blade moving across his skin.  It was cold as it cut off his eyebrows, but her fingers were warm and gentle.  The breath she exuded was as fragrant as lotuses, instantly making his heart beat fast.

Although he forcefully controlled his breathing, his face slowly became farm and it was slowly dyed with a faint red colour.

Chen Ning immediately noticed the strangeness with him, seeing his strange face.  She turned the blade and pressed it against his neck, shouting, “You dare think nonsense!”

Na Mu Cuo was shocked, thinking that she would really cut his neck with a blade.  But his body trembled and didn’t move as he moved his neck back to let her cut it, doing as he said.

When he reacted to the fact she used the back of the blade to scare him, his heart was filled with even more joy.

“Ah Ning!”  He opened his eyes and looked at her with his deep black eyes, but they were filled with tenderness.

He reached out his hand to hug her, but she dodges his arms.  She raised three fingers to him and shook her head.

Na Mu Cuo knew she was referring to the “three conditions” before letting out a sigh and putting his arms down.

“Alright, I won’t touch you, I’ll wait until our promise is over.  It’s already getting late, quickly wash up. You have to dress beautifully, I want everyone to see how dazzling and beautiful my, Na Mu Cuo’s princess is!”

After he said this, he walked out with a smile.

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