Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 798

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Chapter 798: Look at me, look at me, quickly look at me

Xiao Ru thought that she would sleep well, but she kept tossing until the sun came up.  She vaguely felt that there seemed like there was someone else in the room, but she didn’t have time to open her eyes to see clearly.  She just saw a flash a black before her eyes before she fell into a deep sleep.

When she fell asleep, she seem to hear a faint long sigh in her ear, as well as a warm hand stroking her cheek.

“Na Mu Cuo, have you poked her sleep acupuncture point?”

Chen Ning sat up on the bed and looked at the tall figure that suddenly appeared in front of the bed.  Her voice was a bit hoarse, it wasn’t as clear as usual.

Xiao Ru hadn’t slept the entire night, tossing and turning, so how could she sleep?  She stayed with Xiao Ru for the night, but she had her eyes closed the entire time and just laid on the bed without moving.

Although Na Mu Cuo had appeared without a sound, she could immediately feel something off.  When she opened her eyes, she saw Na Mu Cuo reaching a finger out to poke Xiao Ru’s body.

“That’s right.”  Na Mu Cuo nodded.  His sparkling eyes were looking at her and the more he looked, the more they sparkled.

But even with her red lined eyes and somewhat puffy eyes, she still seemed to sparkle in front of him.

“Why?”  She asked.

Na Mu Cuo said with a snort, “You know yet you’re still asking, isn’t it for you!  You really didn’t plan on taking this girl with you, right? If you were planning to bring her, you wouldn’t want to see her that much.”

Chen Ning was silent for a bit before saying with a sigh, “You really are smart.  I don’t need to say anything, you’ve already guessed everything.”

He revealed a happy smile as he raised his chin and said in a proud manner, “Of course, this prince is the smartest person in this world, there has never been anything that has been hidden from my eyes.  Other than losing to you once, this prince has never lost to anyone! Ah Ning, quickly get dress, just let this girl sleep a bit. After twenty four hours, her point will be released. When she wakes up, you’ll be several hundred miles away and she can’t catch up even if she wants to.”

Chen Ning nodded, Na Mu Cuo was right.

“Hey, Ah Ning, look at me!  Properly look at me!” Na Mu Cuo suddenly bent down and placed his face in front of Chen Ning, scaring her.

She couldn’t help taking a few steps back, “Look at what?”  She was feeling a bit strange.

“Look at me!  Are my eyebrows really like caterpillars?”  He asked.

This problem had puzzled him for a night and had him staring into a mirror all night.  He raised his eyebrows and looked at them, finding that his eyebrows were thick and cute, not like caterpillars at all.

He even deliberately woke up early and caught a caterpillar off a tree, using it to compare his eyebrows with.  He could not see the resemblance no matter what.

Then he held a caterpillar while going out to ask his servants.  Raising his eyebrows, he asked them one by one, “Hey, look, does this prince’s eyebrows look like it?”

All the people he asked were stunned.  The servants looked at the writhing caterpillar in his hands and they wanted to laugh, but who dared to laugh.  They all gave the same answer, “No, not at all!”

Although the answers were all the same, Na Mu Cuo still felt weird.  Xiao Ru’s words were like a thorn in his side, making it so he was unable to calm down.


Chen Ning was a bit stunned and then she couldn’t help breaking out in laughter.

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