Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 800

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Chapter 800: Marrying to the far East Qin

Na Mu Cuo looked in the mirror and raised his eyebrows in amazement.  He almost did not dare believe that the beautiful man with the carved eyebrows in the mirror was him.

He opened his lips and revealed his white teeth.  It was a while before his smile closed.

He happily stroked his eyebrows and remembered her personally grooming them for him, causing his heart to become sweeter than eating honey.

This day to the capital city citizens was indeed a big day for celebration.

Because this was the day the East Qin Crown Prince was being sent off and it’s said the emperor and Empress Dowager were both coming to personally send him off.

The citizens had already come out of their homes early and were gathered on both sides of the street to the gate.  Everyone gathered around, trying to see the true appearance of the East Qin Crown Prince and they wanted to see just how beautiful the princess the Crown Prince was bringing back.

Chen Ning was wearing the princess dress Na Mu Cuo ordered people to make for her.  That brilliant and beautiful brocaded pattern did not take away from her style, but rather it made her even more dazzling like a pearl.

When she was helped out of the room by the maids, Na Mu Cuo was waiting in the yard.

He had also changed into his Crown Prince robes.  Although this was completely black, the robe was beautifully woven, looking low key and magnificent.  The most striking part was his chest where there was a hawk with open wings woven from gold thread, highlighting his noble status.

Hearing the footsteps behind him, Na Mu Cuo turned around.

He already knew she was beautiful, but seeing her dressed up like this, his eyes couldn’t hide his astonishment.

Her princess dress was a fire red colour which highlighted her white skin.  It was almost transparent like jade and it seemed to glow with the morning sun shining on it, almost making it so he couldn’t open his eyes.

When she was wearing that white robe, she was like a cloud floating in the sky, making people feel like she was out of their reaches.

But when her red figure appeared in front of him, it was like a bright burning flame.  She was bright without compare that heavily shocked his heart.

Na Mu Cuo believed that when she appeared in front of everyone, she would shock everyone, especially him!

He was already looking forward to that emperor’s expression when he saw her.

It must be very interesting!

Na Mu Cuo rode his horse like dark clouds covering the snow.  His black cloak floated behind him and that young handsome face had a smile on it.

His mood was very good, riding on his horse as he looked around.  He was in high spirits as he looked at the cheering citizens on both sides, waving his hand from time to time.

Behind him was a beautiful carriage that was being pulled by eight snow white horses.  It was decorated in jade and there was a thick curtain in front of the cart, blocking the figure inside the cart.

The citizens knew that the person riding in the cart was the East Qin Crown Princess, but no matter how they stretched their necks and how big their eyes were, they couldn’t see a single one of the girl’s hair.

There was a mighty wave of guards lined up, going from the guest palace’s door to the city gates.

On the rode, the citizens kept cheering for Na Mu Cuo and his princess inside the carriage.

Because they knew that it was because the princess was willing to marry to East Qin that they could save a year’s worth of tribute.  This meant that they could at least live a good life for another year.

Therefore, everyone had a heart filled with gratitude for Chen Ning sitting inside the carriage.

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