Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 797

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Chapter 797: Xiao Si, goodbye

“Young miss, don’t leave this servant alone here.  This servant has never left you, so take this servant with you, alright?”  Xiao Ru said in pleading voice.

What could Chen Ning say?  If she kept saying anything else, it would definitely hurt Xiao Ru’s heart.

“Alright, we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning, so we need to sleep early tonight.”

She pulled Xiao Ru into the bed and hugged her head.

Xiao Ru was happy and excited, but also sad and unwilling.  She couldn’t describe the emotion she was feeling. She had a belly filled with questions for Chen Ning, but looking over, she saw that Chen Ning had already closed her eyes and was sleeping.  She did not dare wake her and could only swallow her words back into her heart.

Although she already made up her mind to stay with Chen Ning, thinking about heading to East Qin with the young miss tomorrow morning, leaving the place she had grown up in to go to a desolate place, there was a fear in her heart she couldn’t describe.

She felt afraid.  When she thought of caterpillar’s fierce eyes and his words of marrying her to a pig, she felt fear.

She heard that all their East Qin men were all fierce and ugly, but today she saw that it was true!  That Crown Prince was that ugly, so the other East Qin men can’t be much better. When she thought of this, she felt wronged for the young miss.

The young miss is that pretty and the emperor is so handsome, they are simply a heaven made pair, but why did the heavens break this pair up and split them apart?

That ugly and fierce caterpillar is not worth the young miss at all!

It would be great if she could think of a way that the young miss wouldn’t have to leave.

She laid on the bed tossing and turning, as her little head kept thinking of different idea, but she couldn’t think of anything that would work.  Suddenly, she thought of Xiao Si and she couldn’t help thinking that with how smart and clever he was, he would always be able to think of a way. If he was here, he definitely would have some good idea!

Thinking of Xiao Si, the blood in her body boiled and she couldn’t sleep.  She suddenly sat up and felt her heart beating fast in her chest.

“Aiya, if I go with the young miss to East Qin, I won’t be able to speak to or see Xiao Si ever again!”

She muttered to herself as she grabbed the clothes on her chest, feeling pain in her heart.  It was like it was being grabbed by a large invisible hand and she wanted to cry, but had no tears.

“But if I stay, I won’t be able to see the young miss ever again!”  She thought again.

Xiao Ru met this painful contradiction.  She forcefully grabbed her hair and finally made her most difficult decision.

She could not see Xiao Si, but she definitely could not leave the young miss!

She laid in the bed again as Xiao Si’s face appeared in her eyes, as well as his smile that was like a fox’s smile.  His smile was very beautiful, his voice was very good, and the stories he told were moving and interesting, always making her want to listen to them even more……

Xiao Ru remembered that afternoon and night when she sat with Xiao Si side by side on the steps.  He spoke, she listened. He smiled, she also smiled.

Her eyes couldn’t help becoming wet.  In the future, she wouldn’t be to see Xiao Si’s cute face ever again.  Xiao Si, goodbye!

For the fifteen year old her, this was her first time feeling heartbreak.

Xiao Ru closed her eyes as the tears silently flowed down the corners of her eyes.

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