Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 796

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Chapter 796: One thing conquers another

“Willing?”  Xiao Ru took a cold breath as her eyes popped wide open, “Young miss, your heart has changed!  You can’t have really fallen for caterpillar and forgotten lots of money, right!”

Lots of money!

Hearing this name that hadn’t been heard for a long time, the smile on Chen Ning’s lips couldn’t help freezing.

She shook her head and said, “Forget it, I said you wouldn’t understand, so why should I tell you to increase your worries?  I just wanted to see you before I left. Xiao Ru, the person I can’t bear to leave the most is you. I hope that you can live a good life without worry and you can find a good person who is devoted to you to marry.  He will pamper you, love you, spoil you, and help you, living a happy life with you. I thought I could plan everything for you, but I’m afraid I can’t do so, however you can be assured. I’ll find a good place for you before I leave, the Eldest Princess…..”

Xiao Ru was more and more afraid and worried the more she heard.

Although she was simple, she could still hear the meaning in Chen Ning’s words.  She was not planning to take her with her!

“I don’t want it!  I don’t want any of it!  I don’t want the Eldest Princess, I just want the young miss!  This servant has grown up with the young miss, can the young miss throw me away as she wishes?  You…..Are you the same as caterpillar and don’t want this servant because I’m dumb?” She flattened her lips and was about to cry.

“Nonsense, I never said you were dumb.  Xiao Ru, you are not dumb, you are just simple and being simple is very cute.”

“Then why don’t you want me?  Why won’t you take me with you?  This servant does not mind eating raw meat and drinking blood!  As long as I am with the young miss, it doesn’t matter if you marry a boar or a dog, this servant will stubbornly follow you!”  Xiao Ru shouted.

Suddenly there was a strange “gezhi” sound coming from outside the window like someone gritting their teeth.

Xiao Ru instantly shrank her head.

“Young miss, there’s a mouse!  This servant heard the cry of a mouse!”

“It’s not a mouse, perhaps it’s a weasel.”  Chen Ning looked up at the window.

Although she couldn’t see it, she knew that Na Mu Cuo had been outside the window listening to her and Xiao Ru talking.  When he heard Xiao Ru saying marrying a boar or a dog, comparing him to a boar and a dog, how could he not grit his teeth in anger?

It was interesting thinking about it.  She never thought that a proud person like Na Mu Cuo would actually suffer in the hands of an idiot like Xiao Ru.

Perhaps it was just one thing conquers another.

Na Mu Cuo really was outside the window and his face had changed colour with rage, going from red to green.  Hearing Chen Ning calling him a weasel, he couldn’t stay here any longer.

If he kept staying here, it would be unknown how much the mouths of these two girls would wreck him!

“Xiao Ru, you’ve always been obedient, so why are you being disobedient now?”  Chen Ning’s face sunk as she spoke.

“Young miss, as long as you allow this servant to follow you, I will listen to whatever you say and do whatever you want me to do.  Even if that caterpillar really marries me to a pig, this servant……this servant is willing!” Xiao Ru raised her little face and spoke with a determined expression.

Her tears had not dried yet, but her eyes were filled with determination.

“Xiao Ru…..”  A wave of warmness passed in Chen Ning’s heart.  She tightly held Xiao Ru’s hand as her heart was moved.

Perhaps Xiao Ru was silly or even dumb in the eyes of others, but she had sincerely given everything she had to her!

In this world, perhaps there were many people smarter than Xiao Ru, but there weren’t that many people that were even half as good and sincere towards her as Xiao Ru.

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