Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 778

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Chapter 778: Paying back double

Chen Ning finished reading the divorce papers and looked up.  Looking around with a proud expression, she spoke in a clear voice.

“Everyone here is a witness today as I, Chen Ning divorce my husband Chu Shao Yang.  From this day forth, Chu Shao Yang and I are separate and are no longer related!”

After saying this, she raised the divorce paper in her hand.  It fell down with a gentle breeze and landed beside Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang looked straight at it.  He looked at the white and black divorce papers and his body could not stop trembling.

Even in this moment, he still did not dare believe it!  He had been divorced! He had actually been divorced!

It had been done in front of thousands of people!

He had never experienced this kind of shame before, it was simply worse than having him die ten thousand times!

His teeth creaked as he suddenly raised his head.  He looked at Chen Ning with eyes filled with rage, eyes that were about to exploded with flames.

If he could move, he would definitely kill her without hesitation!

How much he loved her before was how much he hated her now!  All the love he felt for her turned into hate! He hated her, he truly hated her!

He felt his mouth being filled with blood.  Unknowingly, he had actually bit his own tongue.

Very good!  Truly good!

Chen Ning, the shame you have given me today, I will take back double in the future!

Chen Ning, just you wait, there will be that day!

Chu Shao Yang’s mouth opened and he silently laughed.  His blood spilled over his lips, making his handsome face look very terrible.

“Third brother, don’t be like this!  You….Don’t laugh!”

Chu Shao Bai had been watching the entire time, not saying a word the whole time.

What could he say?  He couldn’t say a single thing!

Although he supported Chen Ning leaving Chu Shao Yang, he never thought that she would leave him in such a cruel manner.

Those divorce papers was like his third brother’s face being thrown on the ground and trampled on by everyone!

He understood Chu Shao Yang.  He knew that the thing his third brother cared about most was his face!

When Chen Ning divorced him in front of everyone, it threw his third brother’s face onto the ground, so how could his third brother not be filled with hatred for her?  Once his third brother hated something, his ominous method of revenge made him shiver when he thought about it.

He began to feel a deep worry for Chen Ning.

Especially seeing his third brother’s mouth filled with blood and his silent laughing, his heart tightly wound together.

Chu Shao Yang finished laughing and he spoke while panting, “Very good, Chen Ning, you have divorced me.  We are strangers from now on, so can you have your man let me up?”

He quickly recovered from his state of madness, but this made Chu Shao Bai even more worried.

Third brother…..he isn’t normal!

He must want to use a fierce method to take revenge on her!

Chen Ning did not even look at Chu Shao Yang.  She looked up and said to Na Mu Cuo, “Ah Cuo, let him go.”

Ah Cuo!”

Hearing this address, Chu Shao Yang’s bloodthirsty eyes turned even darker.  He grinned as he said, “Ah Cuo, such an intimate way of address. Chen Ning, have you hooked up with him for a long time?  Have you been in his bed a long time ago? Even if this king did not drug you, did you already warm his bed? Luckily this king treats you as a treasure, cherishing you and loving you, not bearing to force myself on you.  If I knew that you were a faithless woman, this king would not have shown mercy to you! This king should have had a taste of you earlier…..”

His words became more and more vile, as his curses came out like an endless river.

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