Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 777

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Chapter 777: Divorce

“Ah Ning, the emperor has already agreed.  You can write the divorce papers and divorce him now.”  Na Mu Cuo waved his hand at Chen Ning.

Chen Ning had been standing far away, as if everything that was happening was not related to her.  However, everyone was clear in their hearts that everything Na Mu Cuo did today was for her.

The West Chu people looked at her and had complicated hearts.  They didn’t know whether they should thank her or hate her.

After all, because of her, the East Qin Crown Prince had forfeited the last two competitions and had exempt West Chu from a year of tributes.  This was a very good thing for the West Chu Country and the citizens.

But she had allowed Na Mu Cuo to publicly shame Chu Shao Yang which was like slapping everyone’s faces.  It made the ministers unable to raise their burning faces.

Under everyone’s complicated gaze, Chen Ning came forward.  She was wearing a red dress that gave her an elegant figure, she had skin that was white as snow, and she had hair like clouds as she walked step by step towards Chu Shao Yang.

“Ning’er…..”  Chu Shao Yang’s rage unknowingly disappeared.  He looked at her with a gaze filled with affection, not even willing to blink once.

These three days of restless searching, he had thought that she had died countless times and it was so painful that he almost couldn’t keep living.  But now that she had appeared in front of him alive and looking this beautiful, he could not move his eyes.

“Ning’er, tell me.  You…..Were you taken by that man…..” Chu Shao Yang’s words abruptly stopped.

Because he could see that Chen Ning’s eyes suddenly turned into two sharp arrows pointed right at him, making him fall into a daze.

That’s right, what face did he have to ask her that?

It was he who had drugged her.  Even if she was taken by someone else…..He couldn’t blame her, it was all his fault!

“I’m sorry, Ning’er.  It was all my fault, I shouldn’t have done that to you.”  He said with a dejected appearance, like a cock that had just lost.

Na Mu Cuo gave a cold laugh, “Knowing your mistake now, it’s too late.  Someone, bring a pen and paper!”

Someone from the side immediately brought forward paper and a charcoal stick.

“Ah Ning, write it right now.  Divorce this man who isn’t even a man!”  Na Mu Cuo gave the pen and paper to Chen Ning.

Chu Shao Yang’s face was like dying ashes.  He stared at Chen Ning and forcefully gritted his teeth.

“Ning’er, you really want to leave me?  You….You really don’t have any feelings for me?  In the past, in the past, you would rather die than not marry me, so why are you giving it all up?  You don’t want it just because you said so? What do you treat me as? A rag that can be disposed of when you want?  Why are you so ruthless! You are a heartless woman! This king has treated you well for nothing!”

Chen Ning just stared at him.  There was no hatred in her heart, just a kind of faint disgust and a trace of pity.

Even at this time, he still did not know what he did wrong and had pushed all the fault onto her.

So, she would never regret the decision she made today.

Raising the pen, she began to write without any hesitation.  Instantly, the entire divorce paper was written.

“Divorce papers——”

“Writer: Chen Ning.  The eldest daughter of the Hu Guo Duke Chen Fang married King Ding Yuan, Chu Shao Yang and has suffered losses and misconduct from Chu Shao Yang, so she writes these divorce papers to divorce Chu Shao Yang.  From now on, this marriage no longer exists!”

Her voice was very clear, just like a jade drop falling on a wood plate, very pleasant to hear.

But her words were like whips heavily falling down on Chu Shao Yang’s face, filling him with shame.

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