Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 770

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Chapter 770: Who can win

Because of the exchange just now, he understood that the East Qin Crown Prince was definitely a match for him!

Na Mu Cuo swept the sword with his bow which shocked Chu Shao Yang, causing the sword in his hand to fly out.

This meant that the depth of Na Mu Cuo’s martial arts was only above his and definitely not below.

Face with this opponent with strong martial arts, if he couldn’t suppress his anger and let his heart be disturbed, he would surely lose!

If it was an ordinary contest, he would not care about winning or losing, but this contest was related to who she belonged to.  If he lost, he would lose her forever, so he could only win no matter what!”

“Chu Shao Yang, I couldn’t see it before, but it seems like you do have some skills.  However, you still are not this prince’s match. Since you insist on losing to this prince, this prince will play with you for a bit until you’re willing to admit your defeat!”

Na Mu Cuo gave a wild laugh, just like a hunter teasing prey in a net.  He recognized that the sword in Chu Shao Yang’s hand was a treasure sword could cut gold and jade and that he was holding a normal iron bow.  As long as the other side’s sword cut the bow’s body, it would be cut in half.

The most important thing was that the bow was normally used for long range attacks and has never been used as a close range weapon.  From the perspective of weapons, Na Mu Cuo was at a large disadvantage.

But he was a courageous person, not caring at all.

Chu Shao Yang heard the other side’s arrogant words and secretly told himself to calm down, not to fall for the other side’s provoking actions.

He was very calm as he moved forward step by step.  He took advantage of his weapon to slowly gain the upper hand.

The two figures were erratic and wind blew through their clothes.  It was hard to judge the fight.

The people on the stands on both sides were at the edge of the stands, watching the fight between the two of them on the field, being filled with worry.

The East Qin envoy were more relaxed compared to the West Chu ministers because they knew the crown prince was brave and invincible.  He had fought many large and small battles before and had never lost, so he definitely would not lose this time.

The West Chu ministers were so nervous they couldn’t breathe properly.  Each one of them had complicated emotions, hoping Na Mu Cuo would win, while also hoping Chu Shao Yang would win.

If Na Mu Cuo win, then they could give a girl to him and obtain a year of peace in return.

If Chu Shao Yang won, it would be a large slap to the faces of the East Qin people from West Chu and restore some face for them.

“Emperor, who do you think will win?”

Chu Shao Bai stood beside Mo Chuan with both fists tightly clenched and he was breaking out in a cold sweat.

Naturally he was wanted his third brother to win because if his third brother won, she would be able to stay.  Otherwise, she would travel tens of thousands of miles to marry in East Qin and he would never see her again in this life.

“Un.”  Mo Chuan was also watching the fight below without blinking.  He heard Chu Shao Bai’s question, but he could only give a non committal un sound.  

He watched for a while before being unable to not look away at Chen Ning standing outside the circle.

Although Na Mu Cuo and Chu Shao Yang were fighting, they moved far away.  The fist wind from the two of them did not reach her at all.

She stood there by herself as her white robe fluttered in the wind.  Even with the wind blowing, her figure was straight, just like a unbending bamboo standing in the wind.  

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