Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 755

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Chapter 755: Fighting until the end, never giving up until death

Although he couldn’t see anything, not even seeing a faint figure, a feeling suddenly popped into his heart.

It was her!

The person sitting in the carriage had to be her!

“Ning’er!  Ning’er !” He couldn’t stand it anymore as he charged forward on his horse.  With the sharp sounds of horse hooves, he charged beside the carriage.

“Your highness!  Your highness!” Xiao Si saw this and was anxious.  He charged forward and wanted to stop him, but how could he stop Chu Shao Yang who was like a mad tiger?

Although he couldn’t stop him, but there were people who could stop him.

Na Mu Cuo’s eyes turned cold as he coldly dashed out in front of Chu Shao Yang.

He slowly pulled out a bow from his back and loaded the arrow before loudly shouting, “Stop!”

Chu Shao Yang completely ignored him.  Not to mention a single arrow, even if it was an army or a sea of arrows, it could not stop him!

“Your highness, be careful!”  Xiao Si heart jumped into his throat as he shouted out.

It was already too late.  At that time, Na Mu Cuo’s finger had released and the arrow left the bow.  The arrow was like a meteor, flying out at Chu Shao Yang.

There was a “bu”  sound as the arrow entered flesh.  Following this, Chu Shao Yang on the back of the horse went forward and fell from the horse to the ground.

“Your highness!”  Xiao Si let out a sharp cry as his heart jumped out of his chest.

He quickly charged forward and moved in front of Chu Shao Yang.  He dismounted and went to help Chu Shao Yang on the floor up.

The royal army was even more stunned.  They pulled out their weapons and quickly surrounded Na Mu Cuo.

Only they had no orders, so they didn’t dare move forward.

Na Mu Cuo was surrounded by several thousand royal guards, but he was not scared at all.  He put away the bow onto his back and said a few words to the person in the carriage before raising his head and laughing.

This scornful laugh incited the anger of the royal guards.

“Bastard!”  Without waiting for Xiao Si to support him by the arm, Chu Shao Yang jumped up from the ground.

That arrow did not land on him, rather it pierced the horse’s throat and that horse fell dead to the ground.

Chu Shao Yang never thought that Na Mu Cuo’s target was not him, but rather the horse beneath him.  He had been caught off guard and thrown from the horse to the ground. He had been made a fool in front of the royal guards, filling him with rage!

His eyes were blood red and he was so angry that he only wanted to kill.  His right hand went to his waist and the Spirit Snake Sword was already drawn, reflecting the sunlight to release a piercing white glow.

“Your highness, you mustn’t!  You mustn’t!  He is the East Qin Crown Prince.  If you hurt him, you cannot imagine the consequences!”

Xiao Si broke out in a cold sweat from his fear as he tightly held Chu Shao Yang’s right arm.  He could feel that Chu Shao Yang’s body was trembling without stop from his rage.

Na Mu Cuo had a smile on his face.  He rode his horse beside Chu Shao Yang and his tall body blocked off the sunlight.

He actually looked down on Chu Shao Yang.  His eyes were filled with scorn as they narrowed and he gave a laugh.

“Chu Shao Yang, you want to fight this prince?  This prince will you give you a chance later one, do you dare fight this prince?”

Chu Shao Yang’s chest was about to explode from anger.  He stuck out his chest and slightly raised his chin, revealing a cold look.

“Na Mu Cuo, don’t think that this king will fear you because you are the East Qin Crown Prince.  If you want to fight, fine! This king will accompany you to the end, never giving up without dying first!”  His brows were knit as his eyes revealed killing intent.

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