Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 754

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Chapter 754: Enemies meet on a narrow road

When Chu Shao Yang thought this, he couldn’t stay still any longer.  No matter if it was true or false, he had to personally investigate it.

“Emperor, this minister wants to go with Xiao Si.”

Mo Chuan softly said, “What?  Is Shao Yang worried that this one’s subordinate is useless, so you have to go and monitor them?”

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned red, “Emperor, this minister is worried about my princess’ safety.”

“Alright, since it’s like this, you can go with Xiao Si.”  Mo Chuan nodded, “But remember that you cannot alert the East Qin people.  You can only search in secret and cannot leave anything for them to use.”

“This minister understands.”

Chu Shao Yang turned and quickly walked off the stage.  He had a goal in his heart and his back was straight.

He mounted his horse and Xiao Si followed him with the order token.  He gave orders to the royal guards and the two of them left the field together.

When the people on the East Qin stand saw this commotion, they all felt it was strange, so they piqued their ears to listen.

The West Chu ministers were all feeling anxious.  There was less than a hour to noon and the Princess Consort was missing.  Even if they went to find her, how could they find her in time?

Chu Shao Yang and Xiao Si with the royal guards had not passed through the gate when they saw an extraordinary black horse appear on the road in the distance in front of them.

The rider on the horse was wearing a black cloak and there was an eagle on it made of gold thread with both wings spread, taking off into flight.

With the wind, the golden eagle seemed like it was flapping its wings, just like it was alive, dancing in hunt on the man’s back.

Without seeing that person’s face, Chu Shao Yang knew who he was.

Na Mu Cuo!

Chu Shao Yang’s pupils suddenly shrank.

Enemies truly met on a narrow road and his eyes turned red.

His legs tensed and he prepared to charge out.

“Your highness, you mustn’t be impulsive!  You have to think of the greater situation.”  Xiao Si reminded from behind him.

Chu Shao Yang tightly held his reins as he watched Na Mu Cuo without blinking.

Na Mu Cuo was riding on his precious treasured horse.  His tight fitting clothes accented his tall and straight figure.

His expression looked very good today, with a handsome face that looked like he was flying, making him look very handsome.  He did not lose to Chu Shao Yang, but the manly aura he displayed was something Chu Shao Yang could not match.

Na Mu Cuo completely ignored Chu Shao Yang, Xiao Bai, and the royal guards in front of him.

Beside him was a magnificent carriage that had eight strong East Qing guards around it.  The carriage was magnificently embroidered and there were many strings of beads hanging off of it, releasing a lustrous glow under the sunlight.

Na Mu Cuo was bent slightly sideways, like he was conversing with the person in the carriage.  There was a faint smile on the sharp corner of his lips and his tense face was softer than usual.

As they walked by, they attracted the gazes and discussion of many citizens.

But Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were staring at Na Mu Cuo.  He did not notice the carriage beside him at all until Xiao Si beside him gave a soft “yi” sound.

“The Princess Consort wouldn’t be inside that carriage, right?”  Xiao Si scratched his head with a bit of doubt.

Chu Shao Yang’s body trembled as he immediately looked at the carriage.  His eyes were like arrows as he wished he could see through the dense sea of beads and see the true appearance of the person behind the cover.

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