Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 756

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Chapter 756: Most painful place

“He, he, very good.  Saying this means you agree, right?  Say it again loudly and let everyone clearly hear that you agreed to duel this prince.  Isn’t that right?”

Na Mu Cuo’s eyes flickered with a glow.

“That’s right, this king agrees!  If this king fears you then I am not a man!”  Chu Shao Yang loudly said.

He already knew the person in the beads was Chen Ning.  When he thought of how she was in this beast like man’s hands for three days, he wanted to cut the other side into ten thousand pieces.

No, even cutting him into ten thousand pieces could not soothe his pain and hatred!

He wanted to cut off pieces of the other side’s flesh and feed it to the dogs in front of him!

Even if Na Mu Cuo did not initiate a fight with him, he would find a chance to fight the other side.  Na Mu Cuo’s words were simply perfectly in tune with his thoughts.

“Good!”  Na Mu Cuo broke out in proud laughter again.

Chu Shao Yang stared at him, not understanding why he was so proud.

“Na Mu Cuo, you can go, but she can’t leave!”  He saw that Na Mu Cuo turned his horse to leave and he suddenly jumped out.  He stood in front of the carriage and stretched out his hands.

Na Mu Cuo’s face sunk and he said, “Chu Shao Yang, this prince respects you as a king, so I killed your horse just now.  However, if you keep harassing my woman, I wouldn’t mind sending the next arrow into your throat!”

“Your woman?  Your woman? The one sitting inside is clearly my princess, my woman!”

Chu Shao Yang began to tremble from his anger.  His eyes narrowed as the veins on the hand holding the hilt of his sword popped out.

“Humph, are you worthy?  If you say she is your woman, when you fell from your horse just now, why didn’t she come out to see you?  What qualifies you to say that she is your woman?” Na Mu Cuo said with a cold smile.

“You…..”  Chu Shao Yang’s face instantly turned black as a pot.  Na Mu Cuo’s words were like a blade that pierced the most painful place in him.

Although Na Mu Cuo’s arrow was fast, it wasn’t that he couldn’t avoid it, but rather he chose not to.  He allowed the other side’s arrow to hit his horse.

Then when he fell off his horse, with his martial arts, it would not have looked so embarrassing.  He did all of this on purpose.

He hoped that she in the carriage would be worried when she saw him injured and call out in surprise.

But there was nothing!

That carriage was silent and not a single sound came from it.

Even Xiao Si came forward to support him, but she did not react at all.

“Stop speaking nonsense.  Don’t block this prince’s road, this prince has important business with your emperor and if I miss the time, can you afford it?”

Na Mu Cuo raised his horse whip and passed by Chu Shao Yang.  He waved his hand and the eight large men lifted the carriage, tightly following by his side.

When the royal guards saw that Chu Shao Yang was unharmed, they did not dare block them any longer.  They immediately opened the path for Na Mu Cuo’s group.

Chu Shao Yang turned around.  He was not looking at Na Mu Cuo and looked at the carriage, slowly turning his palm into a fist.

All his blood turned cold before burning up again.

He wanted to charge forward and pull the bead curtains aside, seeing if the person inside was her!

But he could only think this and could not take a single step the entire time because he was afraid!

He was afraid of seeing her indifferent expression.  He would rather have her hate him or curse him than to see her indifference like she was looking at a stranger, turning a blind eye to him.

Just like now, he was certain that she had seen him and even if she did not, she must have heard him.  But from beginning to end, she did not reveal herself and did not even make a single sound.

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