Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 740

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Chapter 740: Cold shoulder

Couldn’t find her!

Chu Shao Yang’s secret guards had turned the capital upside down, but they still couldn’t find Chen Ning.

The first place he looked was Chu Shao Bai’s Jing An palace, but it was empty.  The housekeeper had said that King Jing An had been discussing matters with the emperor in the palace and had not returned yet.

Naturally Chu Shao Yang did not believe him.  He turned Chu Shao Bai’s palace upside down and found that Chu Shao Bai really had not returned.

But his doubts did not disappear because this snow white satin cloth was equal to representing Chu Shao Bai.  This satin had been shipped in from a foreign land and there was only a single one of it.

Empress Dowager Zhou lived Chu Shao Yang and knew he liked wearing white, so she gave this snow white satin to Chu Shao Bai.

The second place Chu Shao Yang went was the Eldest Princess palace.  They did not even enter the gate before they were chased out by the Eldest Princess who was in a rage.

“Chu Shao Yang, you actually dared to come into my palace to take Ning’er, this princess has not calculated this debt with you yet!  You actually dared to come to this princess’ palace again? Looking for Ning’er? Wasn’t Ning’er taken away by you? You brat actually did something to make Ning’er run away?  You deserve it! This princess is angry just looking at you. Not to mention that Ning’er didn’t come to this princess’ palace, even if she did come, this princess would not let you see her!  You best disappear from this princess’ sights, otherwise this princess will beat you every time I see you!”

The Eldest Princess was holding her waist and her brows were flying up.  Her hand was swaying the Dragon Spring Sword as she stood in front of the gate, cursing Chu Shao Yang so much that her face was blood red.

Chu Shao Yang lost all his face from being scolded.  Thinking of the things he did, he was embarrassed and ashamed, and could say nothing to refute it.

“Royal aunt, it was your nephew that was wrong that made Ning’er run away.  If royal aunt has any news on Ning’er, please send someone to tell your nephew.  Your nephew wants to beg for her forgiveness.” He sincerely said.

“You really did something to chase Ning’er off, scram!  This princess doesn’t want to see you at all!” The Eldest Princess’ face turned red from anger as she pointed her sword at Chu Shao Yang.  She then turned around and slammed the gate behind her.

Chu Shao Yang had been given the cold shoulder, but he was not angry at all.

She knew the Eldest Princess’ temper.  If Chen Ning was in her palace, she would not scold him so confidently.

If she wasn’t here, where did Chu Shao Bai take her?

Could it be…..the royal palace?

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes turned cold and he turned to leave.

Only when he arrived in front of the royal palace, a horse quickly rushed out from inside.  When the person on the horse saw him, he immediately dismounted. That person was wearing the robes of a eunuch, it was Xiao Si who followed Mo Chuan.

“King Ding Yuan, please receive these orders.  The emperor has give the order to ask King Ding Yuan to the royal study.”  Xiao Si said in a clear voice.

Chu Shao Yang was stunned, but he gritted his teeth, “Very good, this king wanted to see the emperor as well.  The emperor’s orders came right on time.”

He waved his robe and quickly walked in.  He arrived in front of the royal study in a single breath with Xiao Si panting as he followed behind him.

“Your highness, please wait.  This servant will report in first.”

Chu Shao Yang nodded before stopping.

But he heard the person’s voice coming from inside and he recognized the clear voice as Chu Shao Bai’s.

When he heard Chu Shao Bai’s voice, the fire of rage in his heart lit up again.  He did not wait for Xiao Si to finish reporting before releasing both palms and smashing open the royal study’s door.

With a cold laugh, he floated into the room.

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