Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 741

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Chapter 741: Don’t wrongly accuse your little brother

Other than Chu Shao Bai, there were several dozen West Chu key ministers inside.  They were discussing state affairs and were caught off guard by Chu Shao Bai blowing open the door, turning over to look at him.

But Chu Shao Yang was only looking at Chu Shao Bai.  He flew forward and grabbed Chu Shao Bai’s neck, speaking in a sharp voice, “Give Ning’er back to me!”

“King Ding Yuan, you really are bold.  You actually dare rush into the imperial study without even waiting to be announced?  Do you know your crime!”

Xiao Si gave a cry before shouting at Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang ignored him as his blood red eyes stared right at Chu Shao Bai.

“King Ding Yuan, what do you want to do?”

“Quickly let go of King Jing An!”

“You mustn’t be rude in front of the emperor!”

The ministers all came forward to stop him.  Chu Shao Yang waved his sleeve and everyone felt a strong wave of power pass through them as they were unable to stop themselves from being pushed back.  They moved back several steps and their butts fell back in their chairs.

“This is a matter between this king and him, it isn’t related to you all!”  He stared straight at Chu Shao Bai, “Where’s Ning’er! If she is missing a single hair, you cannot blame this king for disregarding the fact we are brothers.”

Chu Shao Bai blinked as he revealed an innocent face, “Third brother, the Ning’er you’re talking about, do you mean third sister in law?  Wasn’t third sister in law brought back to the palace by third brother yesterday? Why is third brother looking for this little brother for her?”

“Chu Shao Bai!  Stop pretending!  You’re the one who secretly snuck into this king’s palace and kidnapped Ning’er.  You…..Give her back to me!” Chu Shao Yang angrily shouted.

“Third brother, why are you saying this?  When did this little brother enter your palace?  Your little brother was drunk after the palace feast and remained in the palace, I didn’t leave at all, it is impossible for me to go into third brother’s palace.  Third brother, why is third sister in law gone? Was she kidnapped? Strange, what kind of person is this brave to actually steal third sister in law from third brother’s palace?  Third brother, did you clearly see the kidnapper’s face? You keep saying it was done by your little brother, but did you clearly see third sister in law’s kidnapper’s face? Did it look like your little brother?”

Chu Shao Bai asked several questions in a single breath and Chu Shao Yang didn’t answer a single one.  He stared at Chu Shao Bai as his face turned livid.

“Chu Shao Bai, this king is not blind.  Look closely at this, don’t these clothes belong to you!”  He shook the item he was holding the entire time and the snow white satin robe appeared in front of everyone.

“That’s right, these clothes belong to your little brother.  However, when your little brother was drunk last night, I accidentally soiled it and threw it away.  I haven’t seen it since then, why is it in third brother’s hands? This is very strange.” Chu Shao Bai had already thought about this and answered without any hesitation.

Chu Shao Bai angrily said, “You…..You’re speaking nonsense!  The person who snuck into my palace and kidnapped Ning’er was clearly you!”

“Third brother, you shouldn’t wrongly accuse your little brother.  Your little brother was in the palace last night and talked to the emperor until dawn.  You can not believe your little brother, but do you also distrust the emperor?” Chu Shao Bai’s face sunk.

“The emperor, hei, hei.  Isn’t the emperor on the same side as you…..”  Chu Shao Yang’s anger rushed into his head as he gave a cold laugh.  He suddenly saw Mo Chuan’s cold eyes from the corner of his eyes and he instantly swallowed the words he wanted to say.

“King Ding Yuan, you…..You dare insult the emperor?  You….You!” Xiao Si pointed at Chu Shao Yang as his expression changed.

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