Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 739

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Chapter 739: Act first, report after

Chen Ning was silent for a bit.  She admitted that Mo Chuan’s words made sense, but she was still confident!

Her psychology learning and expression reading was not learned for nothing.

Ai, why is convincing Mo Chuan so difficult!

Although he respected her, he was as stubborn as an ox.  He had his rules and principles.

She sighed in her heart because she knew that she could not convince Mo Chuan.  He had suffered pain and his heart was very weak right now, making him very nervous.

“This matter will be taken care of by me.  You should stay at doctor Zhang’s for now. Even if Chu Shao Yang turns the capital upside down, he will not think you are here, so he will not be able to find you.”  Mo Chuan said without allowing any complaints.

“So I will hide here for the rest of my life?”  She said in a soft voice.

“Of course not.  Once the East Qin matter is over, I will give him a rich territory and give him a high minister position, letting him go and manage that territory.”

This did sound like a way, but…..”

She thought about it and said, “I heard Chu Shao Yang say that Na Mu Cuo wants to compete with me again, was there really this matter?”

“That’s right.”  Mo Chuan nodded as his brows knit again.

It really is tiger in the front and wolf in the back.

He was very clear on what kind thoughts Na Mu Cuo had, but he never thought of a good way to solve it.

Should he let her compete?

Of course not!

“What are you planning to do?  Will you agree or not?” Her black and clear eyes looked at her without turning.

Mo Chuan understood her meaning and rolled his eyes at her.

“I…..This is a large matter for the country, I have my own plans and you don’t need to worry.  Just obediently rest yourself here.”

“Mo Chuan, I want to do my part for the country and help you.”

“No need!  There are many civil and martial ministers in the court, there is no need for a young girl like you to do your best for the country.  Are they all eating food for nothing? If you want to help relieve my worries, just stay here for me and don’t go anywhere!” Mo Chuan wrapped his arms around her again.

“Then…..”  She wanted to speak again, but this time it was his turn to lower his head.

He softly said, “Don’t you remember what I said before?  Don’t say no to me. Every time you do so, I will kiss you.”

He was a man and if he didn’t even have the ability to protect his beloved girl, how could he be considered a man?  If he let her place herself in danger, wouldn’t that be slapping himself in the face! He definitely wouldn’t allow it!

Looking at her, he used his fingers to slightly raise her chin and his eyes flashed with a determined look.

“Ning’er, you don’t need to think about anything, you only need to relax and leave everything to me.  I’ll take care of everything!” His eyes were incomparably passionate and strong.

She looked up at him and the light in his eyes lit up her heart.

He was strong like a towering tree, opening his branches to protect her from the wind and rain.

She liked his strong confidence, liked the security he gave her, and she liked the passionate way he looked at her.

“Alright, Mo Chuan, I’ll listen to you.”  She obediently closed her lips and placed her head in his embrace.

But, she turned her eyes and her lips slightly curled into a trace of a smile.

He wanted to protect her, but she also wanted to protect what he wanted to protect.  His heart did not only have her, rather it also had a country and several hundred thousand citizens.

So, Mo Chuan, since I cannot convince you, I can only act first and report after.

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