Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 738

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Chapter 738: The best method

“Ning’er!”  Mo Chuan stared at her.

Ning’er continued, “I am a woman, I can not care about my name, but you are Mo Chuan, can you not care?  You are the ruler of a country, you have great ambitions and ideals, so you cannot stain your reputation at all!  If you become an emperor cursed by the people for me, can you make it up to Empress Dowager Zhou that did everything for you?  Can you make it up to yourself for your years of hard work? If you forsake the country for me, what kind of position are you putting me in?  You want to make me bear this? I will not be happy and you won’t be happy either. Perhaps we can be a bit selfish, but you can’t do that. So, you can’t move against Chu Shao Yang no matter what, no matter what!”

Mo Chuan was silent again.

He had to admit that although her words were unpleasant to listen to, they were all facts.

“The most important point is that my status is still the Ding Yuan Princess, so no matter what he does to me, it wouldn’t be considered a crime in the eyes of others.  So, you can’t make a move for me. I want to solve this problem myself, I want to…..separate from him!” She said word for word.

“He definitely will not agree!”  Mo Chuan tightly knit his brows.

“Then I will force him into agreeing!”

“No!  It’s too dangerous!”  He shook his head.

“Without entering the tiger’s den, how can I catch the tiger?  This is the best method I can think of and the only way. If we miss this chance, I’m afraid we won’t have any other chances.”  She took a breath.

Since she thought of this method, she knew that she had to convince Mo Chuan.  As long as Mo Chuan agreed, her plan would be able to proceed smoothly.

She also knew how hard it was to convince Mo Chuan, but even if it was hard, she had to give it a try.

“Mo Chuan, do you believe me?”  She left his embrace and looked right at him.  Her face was very serious and her eyes were like a pool of water, crystal clear.

“Of course I believe you, but…..”

“There is no but!  Definitely no buts!  Mo Chuan, it’s good as long as you believe me.  I will not let anything go wrong because I am the same as you, you can’t bear to leave me and I can’t bear to leave you.”  She whispered. She watched his brows slowly raise, watched the sun shine on her handsome face, and watched as his lips slightly opened as he tried to refute her.

She suddenly went forward and used her lips to stop his words.

Mo Chuan didn’t know whether he should be angry or if he should smile.

But he couldn’t help hugging her as he let out a faint sigh in his heart.

She understood him too much, she knew that he could never resist her gentleness.  But for such a large matter, could a single kiss from her make him soften his will?

If anything were to happen……

He suddenly shivered.

“No, still no!”  His lips fell to her ear and he firmly said, “Ning’er, I really can’t stand the pain of losing you again, so I can’t let you encounter and danger!”

“Mo Chuan!”  She bit her lips.  She wanted to say something again, but he placed his index finger on her lips, looking at her with a threatening gaze.

“Do you want to know how to escaped this time?  It was Shao Bai and Zhui Feng who found you and saved you.  It was because he was familiar with the King Ding Yuan palace and because he is Chu Shao Yang blood related brother.  Even if he was found by Chu Shao Yang, it wouldn’t have been any large problem. However, if you fall into anyone else’s hand, do you feel there would be the same chance?”

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