Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 737

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Chapter 737: Asking a tiger for its skin

His heart had already been broken and ripped apart by her decision before, he did not want to experience this a second time.

Because it was just too…..painful!

Watching his beloved girl go with someone else and watching her fall into someone’s palm while he was helpless.  Unable to see her when he wanted to, it was like having a venomous snake constantly biting his heart…..This feeling was just too difficult to bear.

He was afraid that if she left him again, he wouldn’t be able to take it!

So this time holding her hand, he would not let go no matter what!  No matter what!

“Alright, since you don’t agree, then tell me what you plan on doing?  Are you going to kill him?” She directly asked him this.

Mo Chuan’s eyes dimmed as he gritted his teeth.

That’s right, kill him!  He even had the thought of cutting Chu Shao Yang into ten thousand pieces.

But now that he had calmed down, his impulse to kill him disappeared because he couldn’t!

He could take away his minister position, send him to a remote place, and ban him from capital city…..But the only thing he couldn’t do was kill him!

But he also clearly understood that as long as Chu Shao Yang was alive, he would not let her go no matter what.  Mo Chuan understood Chu Shao Yang, he would ruin the things he couldn’t obtain and ensure that it would never fall into anyone else’s hands.

The only way he could protect her was to keep her under his wings the entire time, never letting Chu Shao Yang’s talons touch her.  But, how long can he protect her? How long could he keep her?

Even tigers needed to nap.  He had been careful guarding against Chu Shao Yang, but Chu Shao Yang still had broken through and kidnapped her.

If she fell into Chu Shao Yang’s hands again, would she be lucky enough to escape again?

The only permanent solution was to kill Chu Shao Yang!

But he just couldn’t do it!

“Then tell me, what good method do you have?”  He had to admire her wisdom and wit. She understood him, even that side that he couldn’t see through, she could still see through.

She knew that she would never be able to move against Chu Shao Yang.  So, she didn’t want to make it hard for him and said she would solve it herself.

Although he definitely would not let her solve it herself because this was a matter between men.  He said he would protect her, so he would accomplish this!

However, he also wanted to know what kind of trick she had in that little head of hers.  He might as well listen to her.

Chen Ning’s brows jumped up as she moved her lips beside his ear, whispering a few words.  Before she even finished, Mo Chuan’s body trembled and he forcefully shook his head.

“Definitely not!”  He took in a cold breath as he looked at her with a gaze of disbelief.  His voice became very serious, “Ning’er, give up this thought, don’t even think about it!  I definitely will not agree to it!”

It was simply ridiculous!

Mo Chuan never would have dreamed that she would think of this kind of ridiculous idea.  This was like asking the tiger for his skin!

“I will write an imperial decree to send him out of the capital.  He will not set a single foot in the capital every again!”

“What’s the reason?  What kind of offense has he committed?  Did he kill people, commit arson, or start a rebellion?  If you do this for me, you will be disgraced in front of the world.  The ministers and the citizens will say you are a corrupt emperor, one who acted on his own wills!  They will also criticize me and say my beauty ruined the country, saying that you are an emperor who stole a minister’s wife.  We will be hated by everyone…..”

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