Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 736

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Chapter 736: No means no

Chen Ning felt Mo Chuan’s arms become as hard as stone as his chest violently heaved.  She did not need to look up to know that he was now filled with the flames of rage.

He hugged her as his eyes turned dark.  The aura being released by him made her tremble, so she looked up at him, “Mo Chuan…..”

“Keep going.”  He spoke in a commanding voice, one that could not be disobeyed.

His face looked very calm, but his eyes were not calm at all.

She bit her lips before continuing, “He send people to concoct some ginseng soup for me and I wanted to heal a bit faster, so I drank it.  I never thought that he would drug the ginseng soup. When the drug acted up, he told me with a smile to beg him. As long as I begged him, he would give me the greatest happiness…..I only had a single thought in my mind at that time which was to never beg him even if it meant death!  But my mind became more and more fuzzy and I can’t clearly remember what happened. Mo Chuan, did you save me? How did you find me? How did you notice me?”

Mo Chuan’s teeth were creaking as his eyes were cold and filled with killing intent.  He did not hear Chen Ning’s last two sentences at all.

It was as if he could see Chu Shao Yang’s proud and evil smile in front of him.

“Despicable!  Shameless! Disgusting!  How could my Chu Family give birth to this kind of descendent!”  He tightly clenched his fist. If Chu Shao Yang was here at this moment, he would have sent a fist at him without hesitation.

His body was trembling from his anger because he never would have thought that Chu Shao Yang would do something so despicable!

He had thought Chu Shao Yang truly loved her, so she went with him.  He thought he would properly love her and pamper her, but he never thought that Chu Shao Yang would treat her like this!

He had imprisoned her and used iron chains to lock her up, even worse, he was despicable enough to give her drugs that even the most despicable thieves of the Jianghu wouldn’t use.  He even wanted the drugged girl to beg him to save her…..

How many despicable and shameless people could do something like this?

He was not a human at all!

He wasn’t even a beast!

“Ning’er, from now on, I will definitely not let him lay a finger on you!  Definitely, not!” Mo Chuan cold said through gritted teeth and each word was like ice that could freeze the ground.

This was his vow!

Daring to do this to his most loved woman, he, Mo Chuan would remember this and never forget it!

So what if he was the previous emperor’s son, so what if the blood of the Chu Family flowed through him!  Since he dared to do something that humiliated the Chu Family like this, he would bear the consequences!

In that moment, Mo Chuan had already made up his mind.

“Mo Chuan, this is a matter between me and him, I want to solve it myself.”  She shuddered in his arms when she felt the killing intent in his heart. She looked up at his face and spoke with a determined expression.

Mo Chuan looked down at her.  The killing intent in his eyes faded a bit, but his eyes were still terrifyingly sharp.

“No.”  He did not even think about it.

Let her solve it?  Absolutely not!

Her method of solving it was sending herself to the tiger’s mouth and almost being eaten by the tiger.  If Chu Shao Bai had not saved her, she would have been eaten by Chu Shao Yang without even bones left.

Faced with his intense temper, Chen Ning’s eyes did not look away at all.

“Mo Chuan, I already thought of a way…..”

“Still no!  If I say no, I mean no!”

He cut her off and tightly held her hand.  His palm was as hot as fire, showing how strong his determination was.

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