Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 735

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Chapter 735: I am yours

She did not finish because Mo Chuan reached out to cover her mouth, stopping her from continuing.

His eyes filled with deep affection stared at her as he said word for word, “I want to give everything of mine to you.  As long as you want it, I’ll give it all to you! So, you never need to feel guilt towards me because everything of mine is all yours!  My internal energy, my heart, and even my life is all yours!”

She stared at him in a daze.  His eyes were that deep and dark, but they were focused and serious.  Every word he said truly came from his heart.

A warm feeling filled her eyes as tears began to flow without warning.

But there was the most beautiful smile on her face.

“Mo Chuan!”  She threw herself into his embrace with a smile, tightly hugging him.  Her face were pressed against his chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat.

“I am also yours.  My person, my heart, and my life, they all belong to you.  If you want it, you can take it whenever you want!”

In this world, there was nothing as sweet and intoxicating as words between lovers.

The two of them tightly hugged each other, listening to each other’s heartbeat.  They were both deeply immersed in this great feeling of joy and happiness. In this moment, there was nobody or no power that could separate them.

After a while, Mo Chuan caressed her long hair behind her ear and whispered, “Ning’er, why did you personally burn the imperial decree?”

He knew that it was very unpleasant to say, but he couldn’t resist asking.  It was impossible for him not to ask because this has been a stone that had been pressing down in his heart the entire time, one that he could not understand no matter what.

Because with this imperial decree, she could obtain the freedom both of them anticipated.

Her body slightly trembled before she whispered, “Because he had suddenly appeared in the Eldest Princess palace.  He threatened me and wanted me to go with him, otherwise he wouldn’t let me participate in the competition.”

She looked up at him, “Mo Chuan, I had no other choice, I couldn’t lose the competition.  Between the citizens and you, I picked the former.”

“I know you made this decision for me, you did it for me!”  His arms tightened as he forcefully hugged her,

She revealed a faint smile as she closed her eyes.  That’s right, she did it for him.

In her heart, anything she did was for him.

She was just a single woman and her heart only had him.  She did not have the same heart as him that worried for the country.

She did this because he was the West Chu emperor.  He shouldered the prosperity of several hundred thousand citizens, so she would make whatever he wanted come true.

“Tell me, why did he….drug you?  He…..did he do anything to you? You’re not allowed to hide anything, you can’t hide a single word.  Tell me everything.” Mo Chuan’s deep and dark eyes stared right at her.

She remembered the imprisonment of that day, thinking of that underground stone room that didn’t even have a breeze, and she thought of miss Chen’s severed fingers and pitiful cries.  She couldn’t help shivering as she dug herself into his embrace.

“He used chains to hold me and locked my up in a stone room.  He found Chen Bi Yun’s nanny and cut off her fingers to force out the truth of the matter.  Chen Bi Yun’s child is not his. He said he would lock me up for my entire life and he would toy with me like a cat with a mouse.  After returning from the palace feast, he deliberately used you to incite me…..”

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