Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 734

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Chapter 734: As tender as water

“Wu, don’t.”

She quickly raised a hand to cover his lips.  If he kept kissing her, her thin lip skin would break.  She almost fainted earlier because she couldn’t breathe.

“I’ll be gentle this time.”  He revealed a smile. His breathing was still rushed, but he moved aside her hand and touched her lips again.

His kiss was gentle and soft this time, giving her a different feeling compared to before.

Last time was fire and this time was water.

Her entire body was immersed in his gentle water and her mind drifted away.  The two of them had touching cheeks and touching lips, even almost having the same heartbeat.

This gentle kiss, compared to his fiery kiss before, allowed her to feel his heart.  He liked her like this and all his love was being passed to her in this kiss. It was like she was receiving his sincere and warm heart, receiving his dedication…..

Mo Chuan!  Mo Chuan!

Her heart kept beating and each beat was like calling his name.  She thought that she would never forget this blessed and sweet moment, because from this moment on, his name would be branded at the bottom of her heart.

Zhui Feng in the tree had been meditating, but hearing the squeaking sounds coming from inside the room, he could not keep endure it any longer.

He began to feel impatient as his blood rushed through him.  He almost sent his internal energy the wrong way several times.

He couldn’t help wondering what the two of them were doing in the room and why this strange squeaking sound was being made.  Thinking about it, his face became red and his heart couldn’t calm down.

The emperor and his beloved woman are inside being intimate and he as the hidden guard was bitterly sunbathing on the tree outside like a little monkey.  How great it would be if he had a female monkey to be with him…..

“Zhui Feng, leave!”

Zhui Feng was currently lost in thought and his breathing became heavy.  Mo Chuan’s sudden snap from inside the room made Zhui Feng come back to his senses.

It was like he had been pardoned.  He quickly used his qinggong and disappeared without a trace.

Chen Ning’s lips were as red as a blooming begonia.  Her lips were numb from his kiss, so stiff that she couldn’t feel a thing.  His handsome face was as red as hers, and the two of them looked at each other while smiling.

He pulled her off the bed and helped her fix her appearance, helping her smooth her hair behind her ears.  Then he calmed his breath.

She softly looked over at him, “Has your internal energy restored itself a bit?”  She asked in a soft voice.

“Un.”  He nodded and couldn’t help tapping her nose, “What kind of mystical medicine did you feed me?”

He tried cycling his internal energy and felt a warm stream filling his limbs before merging into a warm current within him.  Although the internal energy restored couldn’t compare to what was spent, it was equal to making a trickle in his dantian to slowly allow it to recover.

“It was a recipe I read in an ancient book, I only had doctor Zhang give it a try.  If it was good for your body, my guilt will become a bit weaker.” She said with a soft sigh.

“Guilt?  Why would you be guilty?”  He immediately stared at her and held her shoulders with his hands.

She bit her lips and looked down, as a pain filled her heart.

“I was the one who wronged you, disappointed you, and hurt you, but you still used that much internal energy to save me.  Although I don’t practice martial arts, I still know how important internal energy is for you martial artists, but for me…..”

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