Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 733

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Chapter 733: So tight

“Zhui Feng, why aren’t you helping prop the emperor up to let the princess feed the emperor his medicine!”  Doctor Zhang stared at Zhui Feng outside.

“No need.”

Chen Ning raised the bowl and took a mouthful of medicine.  She leaned down and pressed her lips against Mo Chuan’s lips, slowly feeding him the medicine.

This was a method she had learned from him and it was very easy to use.  Not a single drop spilled and he swallowed it all.

She fed him a mouthful and then another mouthful.

“……”  When doctor Zhang and Zhui Feng saw this, their eyes almost popped down.

Doctor Zhang desperately squinted his eyes and Zhui Feng’s face was as red as a cloth.  The two of them suddenly felt that this room….was very tight!

It was so tight that the two of them did not have a place to go!

They both wanted to leave and they moved outside the door together.  Zhui Feng’s cheeks were red and the two of them closed the door as their hearts were beating fast.

“Ke, ke, Zhui Feng, there’s nothing for us here.  Go do what you need to do, this old man will go to the doctor’s yard.”

Doctor Zhang waved his sleeve and directly walked out.

Zhui Feng was stunned.

As the emperor’s hidden guard, he was responsible for not being more than ten steps away from the emperor.

Helplessly, he jumped onto the bare ginkgo tree and sat cross legged on a branch adjusting his internal energy.

In the room, Chen Ning was focused on feeding Mo Chuan the medicine and did not notice Mo Chuan’s breathing become more shallow.  His deep and dark eyes opened slightly to secretly watch her through his narrow eyes.

The sunlight shined through the paper window and the warm light shined down on her.

Her skin was like crystal as it exuded a jade like glow.  Her lashes were long and slightly tilted, her dark and clear eyes revealed a gentle and focused look.  She did not notice that he had awakened and kept feeding him medicine mouthful by mouthful…..

His throat moved and his lips slightly parted.  When she finished feeding him and began to move, as quick as a shadow, he followed her lips.  His right hand came behind her head and did not allow her to leave.

Her eyes went wide in shock and her watery eyes reflected his image.  She wanted to shout and talk, but his fiery lips and tongue completely blocked her mouth.

Mo Chuan’s hands held her slender waist and gently brought her onto the bed, letting her lie in his broad and warm chest.  Their lips did not separate the entire time.

They both opened their eyes, kissing each other while deeply looking at the other person.  There was no one else in their eyes other than the other person.

She began to run out of breath which he noticed, so he slightly released his hands.  He was still not willing to let her go, so he simply held her as she rose and laid down on the bed.  He pressed himself down over her and continued kissing her, letting their kiss become even deeper.

His fiery kisses made made her body fill with flames that far surpassed the effects of the drug Chu Shao Yang used on her.  It slowly burned her heart, becoming brighter until her entire body was being burned. The garden in her heart was blooming with flowers.

Without knowing how long passed, he finally raised his head.  The two of them looked at each other and locked gazes.

Because of the long kiss, both their faces were completely red, especially her lips.  It was pink and tender from his kiss and seemed like it would burst with a single bite.

His eyes fell onto her lips and suddenly, he went down, wanting to kiss her again without even thinking of anything else.

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