Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 723

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Chapter 723: Quietly leaving

Zhui Feng was confused by this and wanted to ask about it, but Chu Shao Bai had already urged him otherwise as he coldly said, “Zhui Feng, stop wasting time asking about these things.  You shouldn’t ask about things you shouldn’t know.”

A single sentence was enough to stop Zhui Feng’s questions.

After Zhui Feng left, Chu Shao Bai was alone in the yard.  He had his hands behind him as he looked into the eastern night sky, gradually being infected by the light of the dawn.  It was slowly becoming brighter as the sky began to change, followed by a red sun slowly rising into the sky.

His heart was also bright as if the warm sunshine was shining into his heart.  His eyes were clear and contained no more confusion.

Chu Shao Bai’s lips slowly curled into a faint smile.

He was very glad that he had controlled his heart and did not do anything he would regret in the end.

He was even more sure that he had made the right decision.

There was a very soft sound of cloth fluttering in the wind.  His ears pricked up and he knew that Mo Chuan had come.

“Greetings, emperor!”  He turned around and saw Mo Chuan’s figure appearing.  He bowed down in greeting.

“Shao Bai, she…..She’s been poisoned?  Who poisoned her? What kind of poison?  Why did Zhui Feng say that only this one can cure the poison?  Could it be doctor Zhang can’t cure her poison?”

Mo Chuan grabbed his wrist and looked at Chu Shao Bai with blood shot eyes.  His fingers were slightly trembling.

“Doctor Zhang said that third brother had given her a strong drug and this drug only has one antidote.  As for why it must be cured by the emperor…..The emperor can go in and take a look.” Chu Shao Bai replied with a bow.

Mo Chuan’s chin tightened and his lips formed a tight line like he had guessed something.  Without saying another word, he walked into the room and closed the door behind him.

Chu Shao Bai slowly turned around and watched those two closed doors.  There was a trace of relief that flashed in his eyes.

Turning around, he jumped over the yard’s wall and like a lonely white cloud, he silently left.

“Your highness…..”  When Zhui Feng arrived, he saw Chu Shao Bai’s figure jumping away and he couldn’t help muttering, “Why is he leaving like this?  Isn’t the princess still poisoned? He didn’t even clearly explain how to cure it…..”

“Zhui Feng, you came right in time.  Come over here to this old man.”

Doctor Zhang walked in from outside and grabbed Zhui Feng’s wrist, pulling him away.

“Doctor Zhang, why are you pulling me?  I have to stay here to protect the emperor.”

“There is nothing for you here, you’ll just make the emperor unhappy if you stay here.  Come with this old man, this old man has something you can help with.” Doctor Zhang pulled Zhui Feng out of the yard without explaining.

In the room, Mo Chuan released Chen Ning’s acupuncture point.

She raised her long lashes and her hazy eyes looked at the man in front of her.  His face was clear and handsome and his body was as warm as the sun.

“Mo Chuan, hug me.  Mo Chuan, I want you to hug me…..”  She stretched out her white as a mountain camellia arms and hugged Mo Chuan’s neck.  Her voice was sweet and soft.

Mo Chuan’s heart trembled, immediately holding her without thinking and tightly holding her in his embrace.  His hand touched her smooth and delicate skin and he was immediately confused. It was like she wasn’t wearing clothes…..Just what was going on here?”

“Ning’er, Shao Bai said you were poisoned?  You……” He held her shoulder and wanted to look down at her face.

Why was her body so warm?  Was she poisoned? Was she sick?

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