Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 722

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Chapter 722: Confused Zhui Feng

In his nineteen years, this was Chu Shao Bai’s first time learning what the words love and desire meant.

He understood why she used those charming eyes to look at him like that back then.  His heart was about to melt and his body filled with flames. Him at that time was ignorant and only wanted to hug and kiss her.  He just wanted to slowly satisfy the desire in his heart, but only this was far from enough!

Could it be…..Doctor Zhang’s meaning was that the antidote was to do what was written in the little booklet with her?

Chu Shao Bai’s hand holding the small booklet began to shake as waves began to fill his heart.  It wildly charged through him, shouting at him.

He slowly kneeled down in front of the bed and looked at her.

She had closed eyes and her blanket was covered by a blanket.  Only her pink as a peach face was shown while she was breathing heavily, like she was resisting a great amount of pain.

He finally realized what was causing her pain and also understood what he could do to relieve her pain.

His trembling hand slowly reached out, holding the edge of the blanket.  His throat was dry and his heart beat strongly.

The bottom of his heart had two voices constantly fighting.  One voice said that you are saving her, help relieve her from this pain.  The other voice was saying that the one she liked isn’t you, you are taking advantage of her!

The first voice said do it.  After you do it, she will be yours and will never leave you.  The other voice was saying that when she wakes up, she will hate you forever!

But the latter voice slowly became weaker as the first voice became stronger.

He began to move closer as his trembling lips slowly approached her.  His mind was filled with chaos and he did not think, not willing to think, he just wanted to move by instincts.

His lips fell onto her burning face, moving gently across her smooth cheeks towards her lips.  His body broke out in sweat from nervousness and his heart kept beating fast. His deep, dark eyes had a faint glow to them as he stared at her delicate face.

Although he only kissed her face, he could feel his entire body floating like it was about to fly into the sky.  It was as if it wasn’t blood flowing through, but rather intoxicating sweetness.

“Mo Chuan…..”  Before his lips touched her lips, she suddenly muttered in an unclear voice.

Chu Shao Bai’s body trembled like he had been doused in cold water, instantly awakening from his deep daze.

He suddenly jumped up from the ground and forcefully slapped himself.

This pain made his face sting, but it made his mind much clearer.

“You deserve death, Chu Shao Bai, what are you doing?  Do you want to bully her when her mind isn’t clear? If this isn’t called taking advantage of someone, what would it be called?  How are you different from third brother if you do this! You….You…..”

His face turned red as he was filled with shame.  He did not dare take another look at her on the bed as he walked out the door.

“Your highness, you…..why did you come out?  Doctor Zhang said the Princess Consort was poisoned and that you were curing her, so this subordinate should not bother you.”

In the yard, he met Zhui Feng who had just rushed over.

Zhui Feng’s mind was filled with confusion as he looked at him with eyes filled with confusion.

Wouldn’t doctor Zhang be the one curing poisons?  When did King Jing An learn to cure poisons and why didn’t he know about this?

“I…..I…..”  Hearing this, Chu Shao Bai’s face turned even more red.  He said in a voice filled with vague meanings, “Zhui Feng, quickly ask the emperor over.  The Princess Consort has been poisoned and only he can cure it. Quickly go, quickly go!”

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