Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 724

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Chapter 724: Sweet torture

Before he could finish, her warm lips had already blocked his coming words.

Mo Chuan’s brain went blank and he felt a helplessness come over him.

This was her first time taking the initiative to kiss him.  He was stunned for a second before placing his arms around her waist and closing his eyes, immersing himself in the sweetness she gave him.

But very quickly, he realized that something wasn’t right.  She was too war like her entire body was on fire. It was like there was a flame that was lit inside his body and he was almost melted by her.

“Ning’er, first…..don’t be like this, wu…..”  He took a breath and his lips were blocked by her again.  He was feeling uncomfortable and enjoying it, this was simply a sweet torture.

His consciousness began to slowly fade as his body was being pressed down on the bed by her.  He went from passive to active as he hungrily kissed her. He forced aside the blanket that separated them and touched her burning hot skin.

She almost couldn’t breath because of his kiss.  She turned her head to the side, but he chased after her.  She used her hand to block his lips and gasped as she said, “Let….Let me catch my breath.”

Mo Chuan’s dizzy mind awakened because of these words.  He opened his eyes and looked at her burning hot face as well as her trembling body.  With her passionate kiss, he suddenly understood.

She wasn’t poisoned, but rather was suffering from a strong drug, so she couldn’t control herself!

He suddenly understood Chu Shao Bai’s strange words and why only he could cure this poison.  As well, he knew what the cure was…..

Mo Chuan’s heart was beating very fast and continued beating without stop.  His throat was dry and his palm was covered in sweat.

This seemed to be the only way.

He did not have time to chase the person who drugged her.  He only knew that if he didn’t cure it, she would die!

No matter what, he wasn’t willing to let her die.

“Ning’er, I want you, are you willing?  Are you willing to give yourself to me?”  Although he knew that her mind wasn’t clear at this moment, he still asked her this in a low voice in her ear.

He did not want her to be filled with regret when she woke up.  Even if it was for her, he still wanted to respect her wishes.

“I want you.  Mo Chuan, hug me, forcefully hug me…..”  She was about to die of discomfort and her body became hotter and hotter like fire.  She would feel a bit better if Mo Chuan tightly hugged her, but she felt it wasn’t enough.

These words from her were enough.

But he suddenly stopped when he went forward to make a move as his heart filled with contradictions.

He did not wish for his and her first time to be when her mind wasn’t clear.  He wanted his and her first time to leave a beautiful memory. If he took advantage of her while she was like this and if she wasn’t willing, what would he compensate her with?

So, he couldn’t!

But other than this method, was there another antidote to this drug?

He considered it a bit and thought of a method.

Although this drug was very strong, he could use his internal strength to push it out of her body, but that would take a lot of internal energy.

Mo Chuan gritted his teeth and used great persistence to separate himself from her.  He pulled down her arms around his neck and lowered his head to place a gentle kiss on her lips.

“Ning’er, I don’t want you to feel regret, so I won’t take you at this time.  Believe me, I will definitely save you and will not let anything happen to you.”

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