Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 716

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Chapter 716: Fishing

“Little thief, let this king’s princess go and this king can spare you!”

Chu Shao Yang could see that the other side was in bad condition, so he cursed out through gritted teeth.

Zhui Feng found it funny in his heart.  He was secretly thinking that King Ding Yuan was truly blind, actually thinking that the stone in his embrace was the Princess Consort?

His eyes turned and he came up with an idea.  He saw a calm pool that was as smooth as a mirror and he directly jumped down, directly moving towards the Little Mirror Lake.

Chu Shao Yang quickly followed him.

Zhui Feng moved beside the lake and suddenly threw the stone in his arms at the lake as he shouted, “Alright, here’s your princess back!”

With a “putong” sound, the water splashed in all directions.  The stone entered the lake and directly sunk down.

“Ning’er!”  Chu Shao Yang let out a heartrending cry as he leaped into the lake without even thinking about it.

He fell into the ripples of the lake and reached out, feeling the hem of someone’s clothes.  His heart filled with joy and he forcefully pulled it into his embrace, feeling like he was floating.

“Gulu, gulu.”  He who couldn’t swim swallowed several mouthfuls of water, but his hands tightly held onto the hem of the clothes.

“HIs highness fell into the water!”

“Quickly save his highness!”

The screams of the guards sounded as they jumped into the lake one by one like dumplings.  Everyone was flailing around and it was a while before the saved Chu Shao Yang who had drank a bellyful of water.

“Save her, quickly save her!”  Chu Shao Yang pointed at the lake, angrily shouting at them.

The guards looked at each other in blank dismay, not knowing who his highness wanted them to save.

It took them a long time before they finally fished Chu Shao Yang out.

“Are you all blind?  This king wants you all to jump in to save her!  If anything happens to the princess, this king will turn you all into meat pulp!”

Chu Shao Yang angrily shouted as he kicked out, sending a wet guard flying into the lake.

When the guards heard the princess was in the lake, how could they dare slack.  They jumped in one by one again, but the lake was dark and they couldn’t even see in front of them, so they could only close their eyes and reach around.

“I found the Princess Consort!  I found the Princess Consort!”

A guard grabbed a leg and forcefully pulled, dragging it back onto the shore.

Chu Shao Yang was instantly filled with joy.  He stood up and turned over to look at the lake.

There was a splash in the lake as a guard’s head popped out.  Spitting out a mouthful of water, he shouted, “What Princess Consort, you’re grabbing my leg!”

“Aiyo, sorry!”

The first guard quickly let go.  Afraid of being cursed at by Chu Shao Yang, he dived into the water again.

“Bastard!  Waste! All of you are idiots!”

Chu Shao Yang angrily shouted, wishing that he could chop off all the guards’ heads.

Zhui Feng watching the lake from atop a willow tree couldn’t help finding all this funny.  He was thinking that they should keep fishing. Even if you fish until daylight, you won’t find the Princess Consort.  At most you’ll find a stone wrapped in clothes!

He happily watched the angry Chu Shao Yang shouting at everyone before using his qinggong and disappearing without a sound.  There was no one that realized that he had left.

Chu Shao Yang stood on the lake shore.  All the guards had been fishing for an entire night, but no one found anything.

The guards all had blue faces and white lips, and they were all shivering, but before they found the Princess Consort, no one dared go back to shore.

All the way until dawn, the guards kept throwing themselves into the lake.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart had already cooled down and his face was filled with despair.

He knew that after all this time, even if she was fished out, she would have already turned into a corpse.

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