Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 715

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Chapter 715: This was too heavy

“Alright, we’ll follow your method.”  Chu Shao Bai nodded.

Zhui Feng was prepared to jump out, but he suddenly stopped.  He looked at Chu Shao Bai and said, “Your highness, please allow this subordinate use this blanket.”

Chu Shao Bai was stunned.  He tightly hugged her and he cautiously said, “What do you want to do?”

She was not wearing her clothes and only had this blanket to cover her.  This stinky brat, did he want to see her body?

“Your highness, this subordinate wants to create a fake, so people will think the Princess Consort was taken away by this subordinate.  What did your highness think this subordinate wanted to do?”

Zhui Feng felt Chu Shao Bai’s hostility and he scratched his head in confusion.

“……”  Chu Shao Bai’s face froze.  He knew that he had mistaken Zhui Feng, but giving him the blanket?  He would never do that!

He looked around before taking off the white clothes he was wearing.  Raising his right hand and picked up a piece of rock. He wrapped the rock in the clothes before throwing it over to Zhui Feng.

“Just use that.”

“Your highness, this is……Isn’t this too heavy?”  Zhui Feng hugged the heavy stone in his embrace and he couldn’t help being stunned.

His highness is really causing problem for him.  Holding this large burden, his qinggong will be greatly impacted and he might even be caught by King Ding Yuan.

“Your qinggong is number one in the world.  Even if you’re holding this stone, my third brother will not catch you.”  Chu Shao Bai praised Zhui Feng without holding back.

Zhui Feng instantly became high spirited as his lips cracked open with a smile, “Your highness’ qinggong is also very good.  Although it is slightly below this subordinate’s, you are still considered an expert.”

Chu Shao Bai stomped his foot, “Why aren’t you going yet!”

“Yes, this subordinate will follow your orders.”

When Zhui Feng heard Chu Shao Bai’s praise, his body felt like it was floating.  He held the large stone as he flew out of the hole.

He deliberately revealed himself in front of several guards and caused several people to shout out.

“He’s over here!”

“Your highness!  The intruder is trying to escape!”

Zhui Feng used his qinggong and softly jumped onto the roof.  Although he was holding the large stone, he was still as gentle as a sparrow.

When Chu Shao Bai saw this, he couldn’t help secretly praising him.

Many people in the yard were holding torches and the light lit up the yard like it was day.

Even though Zhui Feng’s movement technique was fast, he was still seen by the guards.

“Your highness, he’s on the roof!”

The people all shouted out.  The guards lifted the ladders and people scaled onto the roof because their qinggong was not as good as Zhui Feng’s, so they couldn’t jump onto the roof.

They saw a purple figure flashing as he also jumped onto the wall.  That person was Chu Shao Yang.

Zhui Feng couldn’t help grinning.  He had attracted his target, so he turned to run.

Chu Shao Yang saw something in his embrace that had a human figure.  His intuition told him it was Chen Ning and he immediately chased after him.  The two of them began running across the roof, flying across the night sky like two streaks of lightning.

The guards under the roof were all stunned.  Although there were people that had climbed onto the roof, their qinggong could not even reach these people’s shoes, so they could not catch up even if they went all out.

Chu Shao Bai seized this chance.  He held Chen Ning as he left the fake hill, jumping over the wall and quickly fading into the night.

Zhui Feng deliberately ran around the palace, causing Chu Shao Yang to chase after him, allowing Chu Shao Bai to safely escape.

But he was holding a heavy stone and his qinggong was greatly affected.  His breathing became uneven after running a while and Chu Shao Yang was slowly catching up, slowly getting closer.

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