Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 714

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Chapter 714: Short and sweet

Chu Shao Yang as expected did not notice that they were under the bed.  When he saw Chen Ning on the bed was gone, his first reaction was that someone had taken her away.

He did not think that she was still in the stone room as he angrily ran outside.

When Chu Shao Yang’s footsteps disappeared into the distance and couldn’t be heard anymore, Zhui Feng came out of the darkness and softly shouted at the bed.

“Your highness, he is gone.  We should quickly leave.”

The bed cover was lifted and Chu Shao Bai stood up while holding Chen Ning.  The hem of his clothes were slightly wrinkled and his handsome face was completely red, which Zhui Feng couldn’t help wondering about after seeing it.

“Your highness, why is your face that red?”  He was straightforward and he couldn’t keep anything in his heart, so he directly asked him.

“Wu, it’s hot……That closed place does not have a breeze, so it is too hot.”  Chu Shao Bai bushed while stammering. He couldn’t help lifting his hand and rubbing the back across his face.

But after rubbing it, his face became even more red.

“Hot?  But why does this subordinate not feel warm?”  Zhui Feng was even more confused.

“You blockhead, how can you tell the difference in temperature.  Let’s not waste time, we need to quickly leave this place.” Chu Shao Bai hugged Chen Ning as he quickly walked through the stone door.

Zhui Feng was filled with doubts, but he could only keep them in his heart as he followed Chu Shao Bai.

The two of them left the secret passage and entered the fake hill in the garden.  They heard Chu Shao Yang angrily given the order to search for them and the two of them couldn’t help secretly smiling.

With the cool night breeze blowing across his face, Chu Shao Yang felt the warmth on his face slowly receding.

But the young man’s heart inside his chest was still beating fast.

A kind of mysterious joy soon filled his heart.  It was a secret he couldn’t talk about and would always keep in the bottom of his heart, a secret he would never share with anyone.

In the dark space under the bed, when he heard Chu Shao Yang leaving, he found that she couldn’t hold her breath any longer.  She was struggling inside the blanket, so he quickly moved his hand away from her mouth.

She took a few breaths and raised her hand in a daze.  She grabbed his neck and went to kiss his cheek.

In the darkness, Chu Shao Bai felt a soft and burning thing touch his face and he was instantly stunned.

He held her in a daze and his entire person did not react at all like a piece of wood.  After a while, hearing Zhui Feng’s voice coming from outside, he finally came back to his senses and finally realized what had just touched his face.

It was her lips.  Soft and warm, there was still the sweet smell of her lips on his face.

The bottom of his heart was like a warm pool and the sounds of flowers blooming could be heard.  His face was warm once again.

This dark and isolated bottom of the bed had turned into his heavenly garden.

He really wanted to keep hugging her like this, remaining here for his entire life.

But his reasoning overcame the desire in his heart.  He understood that the girl in his embrace was not his, everything he thought of was only a dream, an illusion that he shouldn’t have.

Even if she took the initiative to kiss him, she must have done it unconsciously because he knew that the person she liked was not him.

He would forever keep this short and sweet moment, the taste of a single man.

“Your highness, this subordinate will lead them away.  You can seize that opportunity to take the Princess Consort away, King Ding Yuan definitely will not find out.”  Zhui Feng was hidden in the fake hill and watched the guards searching everywhere. They looked all around, even almost turning the ground upside down.

But no one would have imagined that they hid themselves at the entrance to the secret passage.

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