Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 689

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Chapter 689: Do what I want to do


Chu Shao Bai was shocked and quickly looked around.  It was a good thing the surrounding eunuchs and maids were all standing far away and no one heard Mo Chuan’s words, otherwise he really didn’t know how he would block their mouths.

His heart started to beat fast.  He never would have thought that the emperor would become this drunk, even saying that he didn’t want to be the emperor.

But seeing how depressed he was, he could imagine just how hurt his heart was.

Of course he knew why the emperor became like this.  When he saw Chu Shao Yang come along without her beside him, he also fell into a daze and his heart filled with emptiness.

He didn’t have any hopes right now, he just hoped his third brother would treat her properly and cherish her.  Since she chose to remain by his third brother’s side, it must mean that her third brother’s true feelings for her had moved her, right?

Since it was like this, why was he still worried?

The only thing he wished for was to occasionally see her.  He didn’t want to come to the palace feast, but thinking about being able to see her, he couldn’t help coming.

He came and was disappointed.

At this time, Chu Shao Yang slowly stood up from his seat.  He bowed to the people around him before heading to the back yard.

Chu Shao Bai knew he was going to the washroom.  He thought of something and was prepared to follow, but before he could even move, Mo Chuan was faster than him.  The bright yellow robe flashed in front of his eyes as Mo Chuan had already followed Chu Shao Yang into the back yard.

“Chu Shao Yang, stop!”  Mo Chuan’s figure swayed as it appeared in front of Chu Shao Yang.

The two of them stood in the corridor leading to the back yard as both of them were silent.  There were charming flowers swaying in the wind, releasing a deep fragrance.

But neither of them had the heart to admire the flowers.

“Emperor, this lowly minister has drank too much and wishes to go to the washroom.  You blocking this lowly minister’s path, are you afraid of letting this lowly minister go first?  You are the emperor and Shao Yang is a minister, of course the emperor should go first.”

Chu Shao Yang bent down to Mo Chuan with a faint smile.  Although it looked respectful, his expression showed he didn’t care.

“Where is she?  Tell this one the truth.  Is she actually sick or did you not want to come?  Or…..did you not let her come?”

Mo Chuan stared into Chu Shao Yang’s eyes as he spoke word for word.

“Her?  What her?  Who is she?  Please forgive this minister for not understanding the emperor’s words.”

“Chu Shao Yang!”

“This minister is here!”

“This one wants to know about Ning’er, she…..”

The smile on Chu Shao Yang’s face finally disappeared.  His eyes turned cold as his cold gaze fell onto Mo Chuan and his face turned sinister.

“Emperor!  This minister does not want to hear her name from any other men!  If anyone dares call her Ning’er…..” He lowered his voice and spoke in threatening voice.

“If this one wants to call her that, what do you dare to do!”  Mo Chuan said in a cold voice.

“You are the emperor, so this minister does not dare do anything.  However, she is this minister’s princess and this minister can do whatever I please!”

The vein on Mo Chuan’s forehead popped out.  He grabbed Chu Shao Yang’s wrist with a lot of force.

“She is only a weak girl, if you have any matters, come find this one!  You’re not allowed to bully her!”

“What, does the emperor’s heart hurt from me bullying her?”  Chu Shao Yang raised his brow like nothing happened and revealed a smile.

Mo Chuan’s eyes turned red as he said in a numb voice, “That’s right, this one’s heart hurts.  This one’s heart hurts for her, but she chose you. Chu Shao Yang, if you dare bully her, this one will…..”

Chu Shao Yang did not wait for him to finish as he revealed an uncaring smile.

“What will the emperor do?  Kill this minister?”

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