Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 687

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Chapter 687: Celebration banquet

Chen Ning gave an “un” sound before closing her eyes.

The secret guard led doctor Ye out of the stone room before closing the stone door.  The footsteps of the two people gradually went further and further away.

She laid on the bed as she looked at the candle on the table, giving a soft sigh.

Having doctor Ye send the message for her was the only way she could think of, but whether doctor Ye is reliable or not and whether he would help her, she did not know and could only guess.

The so called wealth moving a person’s heart.  Perhaps doctor Ye was a greedy person, so he will send the message for her because of the golden hairpin.  If he was as scared as a mouse, he would turn to Chu Shao Yang and perhaps sell her out.

No matter the result, she had to take a gamble.

Because this was her only chance!

She did not have doctor Ye look for Mo Chuan because she knew that doctor Ye was an ordinary citizen, he could not enter the royal palace and could not see Mo Chuan at all.  However, Chu Shao Bai was much easier. She believed that once Chu Shao Bai learned of her situation, he would immediately come save her!

She had done all she could do, now she could only wait.

As for whether this gamble would pay off, it was hard to predict.

She could not guess the result at all.  She relaxed her mind and thought about nothing as she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

At the same time, in the royal palace’s celebration hall, it was brightly lit by candles as everyone toasted each other.  There was currently a bustling palace feast going on.

In the vast hall, it was filled with delicacies, fruits, and beautiful wines.  The ministers were drinking the wine and tasting the food as enjoyed the moving singing and dancing.

Chu Shao Yang sat in a group of people.  He was high spirited and he looked handsome.  His purple robe made him look very handsome and outstanding.

Occasionally, there were ministers that came to toast him, currying favour with him.  They praised him and his princess who couldn’t make it to the banquet, drowning him in accolades.

Speaking of this, this celebration banquet was set up for him and Chen Ning.

He had a full smile as he downed his wine, seeming to be in a good mood.  He never had this kind of glory in his life before. Although this glory was brought to him by her, he still had a part of the glory.

Because she was his princess.  Everyone praising his princess made him even happier than if they were praising him.

The East Qin and West Chu countries have been at odds for all these years.  The West Chu have always been beaten without being able to fight back, there had never been anyone that had taken the advantage from East Qin before.

However, Chen Ning had given the West Chu Country a beautiful turnaround.

Although there were still two more competitions, this first victory was enough to fill everyone with confidence, allowing them to have greater hope for the next two competitions.

Compared to Chu Shao Yang’s proud appearance, the emperor, Mo Chuan was very silent.

He did not say much from beginning to end.  He sat by himself on his high dragon throne facing the north, drinking his wine by himself.

Cup after cup, even he could not remember how many cups he had.  Every cup that went down his throat was bitter, but it couldn’t compare to the bitterness in his heart.

Mo Chuan could still remember the beginning of the banquet not long ago.  Chu Shao Yang was late and he couldn’t sit still. His eyes couldn’t help staring at the large entrance until an eunuch’s high voice sounded.

“King Ding Yuan is here!”

He actually couldn’t help standing up from the dragon throne, being filled with anticipation.

But he saw that it was just Chu Shao Yang that stepped through the door lighted by the candles.

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  1. Luna says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    The author is overdoing all of this though. We know there must be like 2357863247 obstacles for the main couple to get together but she’s overdoing it in using CSY for most of them.
    It’s gotten to the point that it’s so insufferable that I’m counting the chapters to get him killed, and not to the MCs to finally get together.

    It is so, so bad, that I’d take a couple of hundred more chapters for them to get together (for whatever new reason it may be) AS LONG as we get rid of CSY post-haste.

    Does someone know in which ch we get rid of him?
    For my sanity, I need a date, I need a concrete way to know it’ll end, and a number of how many more chapters I have to endure so I can endure it with grace (= without going insane. Or inane even g, please. 📅

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      Maybe you could try and set him up with LI Yao Yao?

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        Thanks Haseo! Thanks a lot, and ganbattene/add oil!

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