Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 677

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Chapter 677: Fear of losing one’s freedom

Chen Ning did not know how long she slept and she did not know she was in Chu Shao Yang’s embrace.

She was too tired, even to the point of wanting to die, especially after that taxing competition.  She had used all her strength and so she fell asleep without knowing anything.

Finally she sleepily opened her eyes and found pure darkness in front of her.  There were no stars or moonlight, and her head still felt very fuzzy, so her head ached with pain.

“Where is this place?  Did I die? Is this hell?  Why is there no light?”

She was not awake for long before falling unconscious again.

When she woke up again, she found that there was still no light in front of her.  She reached her hand into the darkness. She was completely awake this time so she knew she was not dead and she was still alive!

But where was she?

She could feel that she was lying on a comfortable bed and there was a blanket over her.  When the silky fabric touched her delicate skin, it was very smooth and comfortable.

“So the reason I can’t see anything is because it’s night time and there are no lights in this room.”  She thought to herself.

She knit her brows and thought of the final scene from before she fainted.  She could only decisively see Chu Shao Yang’s figure and following that she knew nothing.

Then was she taken back to the palace by Chu Shao Yang?

Was this the Flowing Cloud Pavilion?

“Chun Tao!  Xia He!” She shouted out.

She did not like the darkness, especially this kind of darkness without any bit of light.  She was used to having a small candle lit beside her bed even when sleeping, giving off a faint light.

There was no one that replied.  Other than her voice echoing in this space, there was no other sounds.

Chen Ning suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Because she couldn’t hear a thing.

Although the Flowing Cloud Pavilion was peaceful, she would normally hear the breeze blowing through the window, the chirping of crickets from outside, and would smell the scent of flowers blown in the window.  Everything about that place was alive and the air flowed through the room.

But now she felt like everything here was locked up.

There was no wind, there was no flowing air, there were no crickets, and there was no flower fragrance.  All she could smell was a strong rotten scent.

She suddenly sat up from the bed and wanted to sit up.  However, she suddenly heard a clear sound that seemed like metal clanging.

Following this, her wrist tightened as something pulled her back onto the bed.

She was shocked as she reached out to touch her wrists, finding two metal chains which were firmly tied around her wrist.  She tried moving her feet and found that her ankles also had chains wrapped around them.

The chains were not long or thick, but they were very strong.  Her entire person was trapped to the bed.

She was shocked and angry.  It was very clear that she was trapped here by someone.

“Is there anyone there?  Let me go! Chu Shao Yang, is it you!  Why did you lock me up here? Chu Shao Yang!”  She shouted through gritted teeth.

Her voice echoed in the dark room, one call after the other.  Her voice was already hoarse from shouting, but no one replied to her from beginning to end.

Her throat was dry and painful, unable to make another sound.  She opened her eyes wide in the darkness, but she still couldn’t see a thing.  She began to pant heavily as her heart filled with fear.

This fear of completely losing her freedom made her heart fill with absolute despair.

She did not even know who was the one that imprisoned her.  Why did they imprison her and how long would she be trapped here?

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4 Responses to Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 677

  1. KD says:

    It couldn’t be CSY. He loves her, that’s real atleast and he was already sure and happy cos CN chose to come back to him and openly rejected both Shap bai and MC. There is no reason for him to imprison her.
    He knows she can not do martial art anyway, all he needs is put some body guard at her courtyard.
    It must be Na mo cuo. He is absolut tyranic and barbaric man, even towards someone he loved.
    He is crazy, scary.

    • Dee says:

      Excuse me but have you actually read all of the chapters?

      -Rant down below of my personal opinion-

      CSY is a obsessed with her, he’s a psychopath. Pretty sure he locked her up because he doesn’t trust her keeping her word and to make sure that no outsider would be able to find her. I’m really disgusted by this man… Na Mu Cou may seem tyranic and barbaric but he knows respect and he knows how to keep his word. His backstory had its points and he made it clear that as long as she was within lines he wouldn’t do anything to her, i.e when she was staying at his camp he kept his word and don’t touch her against her will and he never forced himself on her in any way other than verbal persuasion. However, CSY that disgusting piece of dung not only tried to force himself on her repeatedly, he wouldn’t even stop unless she threatened him with her life. He is an obsessed lunatic who can’t see anything but his “love” for her, not even the clear signs of her obviously being scared of him to the point where she developed a trauma. Pretty sure she got ptsd from that time in the carriage. Only thing I’m hoping for right now is for her to be able to escape. Was actually hoping for her to ask Na Mu Cou to take her with him back to the east.

      Mo Chuan save your wifey, she doesn’t want this ㅠㅠ

  2. Maki says:

    Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Crissy Sim says:

    Thank you! ☹️☹️☹️😓

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